Homestead Protection: 5 Great Solutions for Off-Grid Living


If you are planning on off-grid living, or have been living off-grid for a while, you need to consider security. Here are five solutions for your homestead protection.


  1. Tripwire Systems

    While a tripwire may seem a bit primitive, it can serve as an excellent early warning system. A wire strung along the ground and hidden in the grass can be used to sound an alarm. There are also more modern tripwire systems that will activate a camera or battery-operated alarm system.

  2. German ShepherdDogs

    Very few animals are as much of a deterrent to thieves as a well-trained, menacing dog. In addition to creating security for your homestead, you also get a friendly companion who can be there for you when you get lonely. Dogs like Rottweilers, Dobermans, and other large, intimidating breeds are the best choice. Most of those looking to break in want the path of least resistance—and a dog is certainly not that path.

  3. Thermal Cameras

    Thermal cameras are an excellent choice for homestead security. An expert from Infrared Cameras Inc. reports that infrared imaging is used to collect and record light from scenes. Infrared cameras are therefore a great security solution for night time surveillance. These can be monitored remotely, so if you’re away from home, you can still tap into the network and keep an eye on the place. And because they function based off heat, they’ll detect threats at night or threats that may be camouflaged to blend in with the surroundings.

  4. Deadbolts and Window Bars

    While these devices won’t keep out a determined thief, remember: the goal is to make it difficult for them to get inside. When the doors are secured with heavy-duty deadbolts and bars across the windows, the home gives the impression of an impenetrable fortress that’s far too hard to get into and not likely containing much of value.

  5. Sirens and Solar Power

    In some cases, you may want a sonic-based system — one that produces a blast of sound when triggered. If you’re living off the grid, powering the system can be difficult. Setting up subtle solar power cells to absorb energy to power your security system are incredibly helpful.


For those living away from everyone else, day to day concerns take on another level of meaning. However, with proper forethought and a bit of creativity, most complex situation can be simple to overcome.

Written by Rachelle Wilber


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