How Can Families Learn More About Emergency Preparedness?

There are several classifications of emergency preparedness for your family, and you should explore every one of them. Some examples are financial, medical, natural and man-made disaster and civil unrest emergency preparedness. You do not have to buy property in a secluded area and build an underground bunker filled with supplies to be properly prepared. You should keep in mind to prepare for the emergencies your family is most likely to face. If you live in Tornado Alley, you should prepare for tornadoes. If you live in a seismically active area, you should prepare for earthquakes. Each of your family members should be prepared for medical emergencies. Here is how you can learn more.


Visit Quality Websites

There are millions of opinions on the internet concerning emergency preparedness. Your first stop in the process of learning how to have your family become more prepared to face emergencies from biological threats to wildfires is to visit The website is packed with quality information you can begin to make use of immediately. There is even an emergency preparedness section for your children to interest them and involve them in learning about emergency preparedness.

Actively Learn Emergency Preparedness Skills

Emergency preparedness equipment you acquire and supplies you stockpile can immediately be compromised depending on the situation. You cannot rely on stuff to be there when you need it. On the other hand, skills are something you take with you wherever you go. Taking the time to acquire an education on what to do in any given emergency is what can get you through it. From Navy Seals to your local EMT, it is training that makes it possible for them to do what they do. You can get your family started in skill acquisition by taking courses in CPR, first aid, basic life support, lifeguarding and water safety, and even babysitting and childcare through the American Red Cross. As you advance, you may see you have an affinity for these skills and may be interested in advancing toward an online master’s in emergency management to be able to serve your community in a professional capacity.

Make Your Own Personal Emergency Preparedness Kits

Imagine being one of the people in one of towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. How valuable would a flashlight and running shoes have been when trying to navigate your way in the dark to descend all those flights of stairs to the nearest exit? How valuable would drinkable water have been to those stranded in their homes awaiting protracted rescue efforts during the Katrina floods? You should have emergency supplies everywhere you go from home to work to school. You should prepare based on personal needs. Maybe you require a specific life-sustaining medication. Maybe it would be a good idea to buy your children a backpack with built-in ballistic protection. Print out some kit supply lists, and have a family meeting to decide on what should go in each of your preparedness kits. Then, mark your calendar to swap out things based on the seasons and expiration dates of consumable items.


Emergency preparedness is an ongoing thing that incorporates actively acquiring skills as well as adapting to new situations as life changes. A new baby, adopting a pet, moving to a new home or apartment, starting a new job, going to a new school and even the changing seasons require you to alter how you approach emergency preparedness. It is not something you need to devote your life to, but it should be something you address as a family to truly be safe and not sorry.


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