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How do you prepare for a Hurricane?

We have the power to build our lives as we wish but when it comes to nature there is no guarantee. Nature likes to challenge us with destructive natural disasters.

Today’s topic is hurricanes and how do you prepare for them to stay safe. If you live on the coast or you are in the place where a hurricane is approaching read on. This article is going to reveal safety tips that will protect you in case of getting hit by a hurricane.

Hurricane safety tips

If you are a coastal resident then you should consider my tips for staying safe during the hurricane impact.

What should you avoid?

Boat in Water
Image by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

A hurricane causes strong winds (74 mph and up), storm and inland flood, heavy rainfall, rip currents and tornadoes so don’t expose yourself outside. This is not the time to go camping with a tent in bad weather as this wouldn’t be a clever thing to do, I am sure you are aware of this.

It is also not recommendable to walk through the water or drive as you can get injured fast. However, if you are trapped in a car due to strong water current, stay in the vehicle. In the case of water getting in the car climb on the top of the roof and stay low.

Don’t use a phone or any other electrical devices, shower or bath during the hurricane.

Prepare an emergency kit

You should prepare an emergency kit for you and your family. It is important to include items that you and your family members need. So, what to include in the emergency kit?

Important documents

Copy an ID document and an insurance policy. Place the documents in the watertight plastic bag or container.

Medications and personal hygiene

First Aid Kit
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Are you taking prescription medications? Take a look at the medication expiration date and put them in a watertight bag. Also, store some pain killers. Take care of your personal hygiene (soap, shampoo, women hygiene products, wet wipes, a toothbrush etc.).


Clothes are also vital since you don’t know what will happen during and after the storm. Prepare some extra clothes such as extra trousers, long-sleeved shirts, underwear, warm socks, and shoes. Think of diapers, clothes and baby food if you have a young baby.

Food and water

Also, take care of food storage and water. I recommend you to prepare dry food (instant soups, fruit, meat and other) and food cans. Peanuts and chocolate bars are welcome for energy. This type of food won’t spoil soon; you just have to pay attention to the food expiration date.

Get some water containers and fill it with water when the hurricane is on the way. Water is more important than anything else so don’t forget to have it with you.

Other helpful things

Don’t forget on matches or a lighter, portable gas burner and a fire extinguisher. Consider a flashlight, a small radio that runs on batteries, extra batteries, a cell phone with charger and backup batteries, and a can opener.

The air could be polluted so it is better to get a dust mask as well. A whistle is also an item that many people forget on this kind of emergencies but it can save your life so consider getting one. 

How to be safe in the house?

Most of you will be in the house during the hurricane and waiting for the storm to pass. When the hurricane is approaching, you should put away outdoor garbage, furniture, and other stuff so they won’t be blown away by the wind.

Then it is time for you to secure your windows. Get some shutters and secure them. Stay away from the windows during the storm. Did the flood ever get into your house? During hurricane one of the most important things is to get higher so the flood can’t reach you. If you see water coming in then immediately turn off the electricity.

When is it time to walk outside? Don’t rush it and stay indoors. Listen to the radio and wait till the warning is off.

The evacuation

Evacuation Sign
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Be prepared if the authorities ask you to evacuate. You should know the evacuation route in your place. There are shelters where you can go if you must (stay in the house if possible). If you are threatened prepare your documents, some food, a blanket, a flashlight, a pillow, and a radio. Think of things that you will need in the shelter since the supplies are limited there.

We have special shelters that offer help to people with special medical needs. If you are one of them then seek help there as the medical staff will help you stay safe and secure.


When a hurricane is approaching you should pay attention to your and others safety. It is vital to listen to the news and local radio so you will be able to act properly and in time. It is best to stay in the house and secure the windows before the storm hits. Stay away from windows during the hurricane and don’t use shower or telephone if that isn’t necessary (emergency calls are an exception).

If you are outside go to the place that is safe, inside the building. The hurricane can surprise you in the car. Stay in the car if the winds and the water current are already strong. This way you won’t get hurt. However, if the water is coming in the car you should climb to the roof of the car and wait for help.

Remember, preparation and organization can save your life so use my tips to overcome nature’s most dangerous storm. Also, pay attention to other people who need help as you never know when you will need it.

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