How Mastering Archery Could Help You Survive the Apocalypse


Imagine the world infested with millions of zombies, mindlessly roaming the streets night and day searching for human flesh to feast upon. There are very few survivors and your resources are drastically decreasing. Your camp is in dire need of food, weapons, ammunition, and supplies. Although there is a store nearby containing these necessities, the main road is entirely overwhelmed with the living dead. The only other option is to stealthily cross through the alleys that run behind the store.


ArcheryAfter successfully sneaking past an army of ravenous adversaries and making it to the store, your camp accrues all of the food and supplies they can possibly carry. You then notice the gun and ammunition department but, unfortunately, there are no guns left. However, a bow and archery arrows are available.


You cannot use firearms on a supply run such as this because noise will attract the rampaging hordes. Consequently, your weapon of choice will be the bow or crossbow, for various reasons: they boast a short reload time, have reusable – and therefore potentially infinite – ammunition, can carry out long- and short-range attacks and, most importantly, every shot exerts deadly force in total silence.


When it comes to archery equipment, the majority of the population will favor guns over other forms of weaponry during a crisis, and they probably wouldn’t think twice about grabbing the guns and ammo first. Most people would never consider archery an effective zombie slaying option, forgetting that the bow can be more useful than a gun in many situations. Those who have mastered archery before the apocalypse would be aware of the true efficacy of a bow, and would find it to be one of the most valuable assets to defend yourself.



  • Bows are silent and do not draw attention like guns do
  • Arrows are lighter to carry around
  • Arrows can be reused but bullets cannot
  • Ammunition for bows tends to be more readily available than ammunition for guns, as no one would typically raid all of the archery equipment. Guns and ammunition are first off the shelves
  • Bows can be used for long-range, mid-range, and short-range attacks
  • Crossbows are heavy enough to be used as a blunt weapon for close up attacks
  • Quick reload time
  • Like a gun, you have the ability to attach scopes, red dot sights, and other useful optics



  • It takes time to learn how to shoot a bow, just like it does learning how to shoot a gun
  • Arrows are lighter but also more bulky to carry around than ammunition for guns


By possessing the ability to shoot, whether it is a gun or a bow, you give yourself essential resources that could potentially save your life during the apocalypse! The sooner you begin training and taking advantage of these crucial skills, the more prepared you will be for a doomsday zombocalypse scenario.


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