How to Build a Sturdy Chicken Coop for Your Homestead

If you want to live on a homestead in the country, then you will want to grow your own food along with raising animals. Chickens are one of the easiest types of animals to have on a homestead, but you will need a sturdy chicken coop to keep the birds in a safe location. Building a chicken coop requires having the right steps in place, so use these tips to create the structure.

Buy Plans to Build a Chicken Coop

You don’t need to build a chicken coop randomly because other people have completed this task before. It is possible to find high-quality chicken coop building plans at local farm supply stores or on an online website. The building plans will include details concerning the types of materials to buy for the structure, how to prepare the soil underneath the structure and how to measure the wood or other materials.

Choose the Correct Location

To avoid problems later, you must choose the correct location for a chicken coop. It is better to build a chicken coop away from a pond or lake, and you also won’t want to have it too close to your home because the birds are noisy and odorous. You may want to have a chicken coop in an area that has shade so that the birds can remain cooler, but you won’t want to have any of the birds flying up onto the branches of a tree.

ChickenChoose Your Materials

You will need an assortment of materials for a chicken coop, including different sizes of boards for the building and its fencing. A farm supply or home improvement store will have plywood, nails, screws, and wire cloth, like that available from Newark Wire, so that you can build a durable chicken coop for hens, chicks, and a rooster. In addition to creating the exterior portion of the structure, you will need to create interior items for the chicken’s nests so that you can have fresh eggs.

Get the Correct Tools for Building Your Chicken Coop

Don’t try to build a chicken coop without the correct tools such as hammers, saws, and screwdrivers. In addition, you should understand how to use tools properly to avoid an injury, so you should read the safety guidelines before using the items. While buying, borrowing, or renting tools, you must also make sure to have safety equipment such as goggles and gloves to prevent injuries.

If you are a novice builder, then you will need help with building the chicken coop, so find an experienced neighbor or friend to help you. By working together, you can build a chicken coop that is safe for your birds. You are less likely to have an injury while building a chicken coop when you are working alongside someone else.



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