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Dirty Well Water? How to Clean up Your Homestead’s Water Supply

When you rely on well water at your homestead, you must maintain the quality of the water to avoid any illnesses that are caused by contamination. Fortunately, there are great ways to keep your homestead’s well water clean enough to use.

Keep the Well Sanitized

You can use a variety of methods to clean the interior surface of a well. This can include turning off the water pump to sanitize its components carefully along with scrubbing the interior surfaces of the well with an approved nontoxic cleanser. In addition, after filling the well again, you should make sure to use a device to remove any debris that collects in the water to avoid ingesting any dangerous items.

Making Sure that the Nearby Area Is Monitored

To keep any contaminants from entering the water in a well, monitor the nearby area. Keep animals away from the well to prevent contamination from body waste, and also, don’t park any vehicles near the well. Avoid storing anything near the well that can leach into the soil to enter the water. Don’t throw garbage or trash into the well because the substances can poison the water along with the water pump and the well’s interior surfaces.

Install a Modern Filtration System to Keep Your Water Clean

Contact a professional company with knowledgeable technicians who can inspect your homestead’s well to offer advice on the best water treatment systems for your needs. The proper water purification device will have filtering devices that will remove a variety of dangerous contaminants from your homestead’s water supply. After the water purification system is installed, you can have the devices and water tested occasionally to verify that there are no dangerous contaminants in the water that you drink and use around the house and yard.

Additives to Purify a Homestead’s Well Water

It is a good idea to keep a supply of chlorine or other purification tablets for your homestead’s well water. If you believe that the water in the well is contaminated, then by using these chemicals according to the proper directions, you can continue to use the water safely without worrying about an illness.

Last, if you are in a situation that has led to well water contamination, then you can boil the water for several minutes to make it safe to drink or for use in preparing meals. It is also a good idea to keep a supply of paper filters available so that you can strain your homestead’s well water during an emergency.

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