How to DIY your Home Security

If you’re serious about preparing yourself and your family against unexpected disasters and emergencies, then you ought not to neglect the physical security of your residence. When there’s a breakdown in the normal functioning of things, police and other authorities may be busy and unable to respond. You might therefore be on your own to deal with looters, burglars, and other people who are trying to take advantage of the situation.

By implementing a fully featured security system, you can deter potential criminals from interfering with your life because they might be put off if they realize that you’re protected. Automatic exterior lights are a cost-effective way of letting passers-by know that you have your eye on them and that you’re not leaving your safety up to chance. If you connect your lights to a motion sensor, you’ll not only be able to turn them on instantly when someone suspicious arrives, but you’ll also be notified of where a potential intruder is located.

In order to prevent unauthorized access, you should make sure that your doors and windows are secure. All locks should function properly, and there should be no gaps or imperfections in the frames. Glass doors and windows should be made of a shatterproof material (ones made by Pella have been well reviewed) so that nobody can gain entry to your home by breaking them. Fences and gates can act as obstacles and give you more time to deal with the situation if trouble should develop.

Commercial alarm systems allow you to enlist the aid of security professionals in the event of something untoward happening. Even in the event of a major catastrophe preventing help from arriving, a loud alarm going off may be all that’s needed to send a criminal fleeing. If you’re looking for a more inexpensive option than expertly installed equipment and a long-term service contract, then you may wish to consider a DIY setup. Most of the components for a homebrew alarm system can be sourced from your local home improvement retailer. Now that many smarthome devices are coming on the market, it’s easier than ever before to customize and install your own personalized alarms and related equipment. You should check regularly to make sure all batteries are charged and the components are working as intended.

With a video surveillance system, you can proactively monitor the area around your residence instead of waiting for a trespasser to come to you. As always, the more information and time you have to prepare, the better your responses are likely to be. Be sure to maintain camera coverage in all directions – people with ill intentions may not necessarily waltz right up to your front door.

It’s probably preferable to have a few ways of safeguarding your property that don’t require technology in case you’re confronted with a scenario wherein replacement parts or electricity is hard to come by. By using shrubs with thorns in strategic locations around the premises, you can make it painful for anyone to lurk around where they’re not supposed to be. Traps set up around the grounds can also make things rough for any unauthorized individuals although you may be legally liable for any injuries that result. Finally, a guard dog can ward off intruders, alert you to anything you need to be aware of and help defend you and your family from any threats.

The greatest hazard to humans in this world is probably other humans, and this will most likely become even more true when there’s an emergency or serious upheaval. By taking steps now in advance, you can prepare yourself for the worst. There are plenty of tools at your disposal, and an effective security solution depends upon the skillful and versatile employment of as many of them as possible, acting in concert to thwart perils to your well-being.

Elizabeth Eckhart is a freelance writer with an interest in energy conservation, living off the grid and the outdoors. You can link to her on Twitter at @elizeckhart

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