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Homesteading Upgrade: How to Erect a New Barn on Your Land

Erecting a barn is a similar process as building any type of major structure on your land. The first step to any type of project is to determine how you plan on using it so that you can build something that will suit your needs. Here are the steps that you need to follow before you break ground on your barn building project.

Develop a Budget

The scale of your barn will determine the amount of money that you need to budget. A larger and more equipped barn will require more funds. The level of finish that you require will also dictate your expenses. All of these things combine and need to be taken into account when you’re drawing up your plans. Another thing to have is a contingency budget so that you can complete the project even if things start to go off track.

Pick a Site

Determining the best place to build your barn may require some ingenuity. Getting a land surveying company involved from the beginning will give you a good idea about the best place to start building. You may be able to save yourself some expense of materials if you can use the lay of the land to your advantage. For example, you may be able to construct a two-story barn without having to worry about building a ramp for your farm animals.

Craft a Plan

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Drawing up plans is an important step when it comes to getting the barn that you want. Many people choose to take this step first because it can help with determining costs. You’ll need a plan in order to move forward with your project. Make sure to have the plans be as detailed as possible so that you can keep everything on track. Another thing to consider is whether you want to use an architect or draft your own blueprints.

Obtain Permits

Look into whether you’ll require permits for your barn. You don’t want to start building your project only to receive a stop work order until the necessary paperwork has been filed. The good thing about permits is that they protect you from having work done that’s not up to code. This will help you with the value of your farm in years to come and save you from having to dismantle a structure that’s not built right.

A barn should be a structure that adds value to the quality of your homestead. Use these tips to get started building your barn the right way.

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