How to Escape 3 Scary Movie Scenarios in Real Life

Every scary movie enthusiast has pictured him or herself in the shoes of the protagonist — and allowed his or her imagination to run wild as he or she considered what he or she would do in a similar situation. Most scary movies are filled with monsters, fantasy creatures, and unrealistic scenarios. But, every once in awhile you’ll watch a thriller that closely represents a real life situation. Those are the scary movies that hit home. Here are three scary movie scenarios that could happen in real life and what you should do to escape … alive:

Home Invasion

The best way to escape a home invasion is to be prepared. This means installing security measures such as cameras and alarms to deter invaders. Your household should have a plan in the case of burglars, identifying where you would go, how you would protect yourselves if the person is armed, who would contact law enforcement, etc. Having a back door, safe room, escape ladder, or some other conspicuous exit route will allow you to quietly sneak out of your own home while you contact the police. If possible, have an escape vehicle available to flee the premises and be sure to know who you need to buddy-up with if you don’t have your driver’s license or only have a learner’s permit. If you want to protect yourself, take self defense courses or purchase a gun and learn how to use it. If you plan to use a gun, be a responsible owner and purchase a gun safe and be aware of your local gun laws to avoid any issues. 

Open Water and Predators

Whether you actually suffer from Thalassophobia, or movies like “Jaws,” “Deep Blue Sea,” and “Open Water” just happen to haunt you in your sleep, fear of the ocean and creatures within is not irrational. If you’re a scuba diver who gets lost, if you fall off a boat while out at sea, or find yourself in a rescue boat, being stranded in open water is a frightening experience. Surviving opens water requires you to stay calm, preserve as much of your energy as possible, and use whatever tools you may have wisely. Use the mnemonic device STOP to stop, think, observe, and plan. 

When stranded in water, your No. 1 priority is to stay afloat, find shelter if possible, and find a source of water and food. If the water is calm, float on your back with your head up to the sky and if the water is choppy, float face down, only looking up when you need air. If you’re moving to find shelter, move with the current and don’t waste your energy fighting it. Don’t bother paddling or swimming against a current unless you can visibly see shore, in which case you should take your time and understand your physical limitations. When you’re ready to look for water, collect rain water at any given opportunity and take advantage of fish liquids, extracting fluid from their vertebrate or eyes.

Zombie Apocalypse 

Whether you’re dealing with a viral outbreak or real life zombies, being clever and maintaining your will to live are key factors to survival. If you haven’t watched the AMC thriller sitcom, “The Walking Dead,” start now. The show presents realistic zombie encounters, and studying how characters in the show survive is a great way for you to prepare. First, consider your escape vehicle. You don’t want a gas guzzling SUV or mini-van since you don’t know at what point you will be able to re-fuel. Since zombies can’t drive, you’re better off fleeing on a bicycle or skateboard — something that’s man powered and doesn’t require fuel. Choose your weapon wisely and make sure to practice using it. Zombie experts recommend a machete or bolt action rifle; both do the job quickly and accurately. Lastly, remember that zombies aren’t your only enemy and as resources become slim, your friends could turn against each other. 

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