How to Fortify Your House in a Disaster

Today’s world seems to present more danger than ever before. In addition to home invasions, burglaries, terrorist attacks and more there is the threat of unpredictable natural disasters. Whatever may or may not happen, it’s always best to be as prepared as possible for anything and everything. While there is no guarantee that the best preparation will prevent or lessen the chances of becoming a victim, there are some steps everyone can take in their homes to increase their safety.

Security System

First is the installation of a home security system. These can be very simple or very elaborate, with closed-circuit televisions, cameras and even “safe rooms” being constructed inside one’s home. Home security systems can be purchased through a number of companies, which usually charge an initial fee to install the system and then a monthly fee for monitoring. These systems can be tied in to doors and windows, setting off an alarm when someone tries to go through them. According to a Springfield MO home automation system, many systems today can be linked in to computers and smartphones, allowing homeowners to lock their doors and windows, turn lights off and on and even have a video feed from inside their home to see what is happening.


Fireproofing a home can be another wise choice. Steps that can be taken to accomplish this include having an adequate supply of fire extinguishers in the home, using concrete fiber siding and installing a steel roof. While fire extinguishers may not put out a big fire, they can provide a person or family enough of a pathway to escape outside. Concrete fiber siding is not only fireproof, but also fortifies one’s home while having a 50 year warranty. Steel roofs are also good ideas because they are much less likely to burn in the event of a fire, they last for up to 100 years and can help lower utility costs.


If unable to build a “safe room” in one’s home, it’s still possible to build a shelter that can serve as protection for a family. Houses with basements can have a shelter constructed in an area with no windows or other openings. This room will need to have a steel door and a vent for fresh air, and be stocked with an adequate supply of food, water, medicine and other essentials. While hoping none of these events ever happen, it’s smart to think ahead and prepare for natural or man-made disasters.

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance blogger that writes about home issues. Currently she is promoting Vivint.

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