How to Get Your Emergency Bomb Shelter Prepared for Anything

If you want to survive an attack with bombs, then you must have an emergency bomb shelter. While it is important to have natural disaster shelters for problems such as a tornado, you need a sturdier structure for explosions from bombs. Here is how to get your bomb shelter prepared for anything.

Find a Location to Build a Deep Trench

Bomb shelters are traditionally built below the ground to protect you from debris, chemicals and radiation. You will need a large outdoor space where it is safe to dig. Don’t dig up the soil in an area that has sewer lines or other utility equipment because it can lead to dangers. You will want to have a rectangular structure that is several feet below the ground. The structure should have thick cement walls and durable doors.

Fallout Shelter SignHire an Electrician for Expert Wiring

You will need electricity in your shelter so that you will have lighting. Don’t try to install electrical systems on your own because you can receive a dangerous shock. A professional electrician will understand how to choose the best wires, outlets and switches for an underground building that is subjected to moisture from rainwater and snowmelt.

Food Storage and Preparation

When you enter a bomb shelter, you will probably live there for several days or weeks. This means that you must have a lot of food stored that is easy to prepare. Look for survival types of foods that are freeze-dried to prevent spoilage. In addition, you should understand what you need to prepare these foods one or more times a day so that you will have enough nourishment. Talk to other survivalists to understand how to have a kitchen area inside your bomb shelter.

Installation of Plumbing Devices

You must have water to drink each day, and it is often difficult to have enough bottled water stored in a bomb shelter. However, a good plumber can determine how to install water pipes to have clean water for drinking and cooking. A plumber can also help you choose a toilet for a bomb shelter that uses as little water as possible.

Climate Control in a Bomb Shelter

A bomb shelter requires fresh air and climate control so that you can breathe and remain at the proper body temperature. Contact a specialized heating and cooling technician to learn how you can have fresh warm or cooled air circulating through your bomb shelter during an emergency.

You should have a plan to coordinate the building of your bomb shelter. The different technicians must work together to create a great bomb shelter that will save your life during an emergency.



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