How to Prepare for a Disaster in One Day

There is no way of knowing when a disaster would strike. This is why it is
important to be prepared for it. However, there is really no exact formula
when preparing for disasters so it is important to be equipped with the
most important things you need for survival as well as to stick to a
positive mindset that no matter how disastrous an event may be, there is
always a way for you to get past it.

So even before a disaster strikes and while you’re thinking that any type
of disaster cannot happen to you, make sure to prepare for it still if
only to save yourself and your loved ones.

Disaster Preparedness Tip Number 1: Prepare the Home

Although disasters are unavoidable and may wreck a potentially strong and
sturdy home, it is important to still make sure that the home is ready for
anything. This means that you need to watch out for faulty wirings, holes
in any part of the home, electrical connections and so many other things
that can trigger fire or any other form of disaster.

Disaster Preparedness Tip Number 2: Stock on the Basics

It is important to also stock on some of the most essential things you
cannot live without when disaster strikes. This includes clean and
drinkable water, basic food like bread and noodles, clean clothes and
beddings that are accessible and that have already been packed earlier,
emergency and other special items that you might need.

Disaster Preparedness Tip Number 3: First-Aid Supplies

Another important thing you need to prepare for in times of disaster is a
first-aid kit that will include everything you can possibly think of and
use during this kind of circumstance. It is important to have basic
medications and treatments in the said kit, a small and portable gadget to
check your temperature and blood pressure, as well as other things
necessary to help keep you safe.

Disaster Preparedness Tip Number 4: Keep a Phonebook

Although not a lot of people realize, during disasters, a single phone
call to a friend or to an organization that can help you out is truly
necessary so it’s important to keep important numbers inside your wallet
or anywhere else that is accessible for you. This way, you can easily grab
the number and make that one important phone call that can save you.

Disaster Preparedness Tip Number 5: Other Forms of Electricity

If the disaster you experience cuts your access to electricity, make sure
to have a rechargeable flashlight ready for use. If you wish, you can
stock up on two, both of which should be fully charged at all times. Stock
up on smaller flashlights as well that you can carry around or keep inside
your packed baggage.

Now that you have some ideas on the best tips that can help prepare you
for any type of disaster, simply make it a point to consider following
them to help keep you safe.

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  • November 27, 2012 at 5:58 am

    Great tips especially regarding a proper first aid kit. I need to replenish ours.


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