How To Prepare for a Flood


Floods can be a disastrous event no matter how much damage is done. They can cause minor damage to a home or property or it can be a major disaster and destroy an entire region. Afterwards, the same question is always asked by victims of a flood, “How could we have prepared?” Here are some tips on how to prepare for a flood.


Know Your Surroundings


Flooded NeighborhoodAre you in a flood zone? Within the past year, a major metropolitan city like New York had coastal flood warnings and most people were unsure of their place of residence was considered in the flood zone. Most community officials have learned their lesson from Hurricane Katrina on being prepared for a natural disaster. Know your surroundings and whether there are any advantages or disadvantages of living where you are. Will you need to move to higher ground during the evacuation? Being aware of your surroundings will help preparation and reaction time.


Prepare Your House


Install a sump pump in the basement of your home that can be activated with backup power if a flood wipes the power out in your area. Set up sandbags to block off water into your house. Turn off utilities if you have time before leaving the house. Protect personal effects by placing them in areas that water cannot damage. You want to be able to take all precautionary measures to minimize the damage and cleanup upon your return.


Create an Evacuation Plan


Have a plan in place for you and your family if the worst does happen during a flood. Consider all scenarios and create evacuation routes, meeting locations, a safety kit, and emergency bag. Know where the shelters are and have contact information for everyone if you happen to be separated from your family. Some families even have evacuation drills so some of the children know exactly what to do if a flood does occur.

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