How to Prepare for the Zombie Invasion

Zombies have been a part of horror culture for many, many years. This terrifying possibility does not leave the back of the mind for many people, and knowing what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse can truly save your life. Essentially, you are going to need to keep several important things in mind.

#1 Know How To Kill A Zombie

This is essential, because if you are surviving in a post apocalyptic world over run with zombies, you are likely going to encounter a few as you live out your days. Generally, killing a zombie lies in high impact strikes or shots to the head. Decapitation works as well, but you rarely want to find yourself in a situation where you can use this option, because this would suggest you are far too close. Firearm
blasts to the head is usually good to take them out, perhaps more than one just to be certain. Gunshots are the most effective means, but there are other options like bows and crossbows in desperate situations.

#2 Know How People Become Zombies

Some people who happened to start this mess just died naturally, and something has brought them back to walk the earth. Their thirst for human flesh and brains creates more zombies. A simple bite from a zombie can infect a person with the virus carried within the zombie genetic make up and in a short time kill the one who had been bitten. They then return as a zombie. It is also widely assumed that anyone who dies within this time of the apocalypse will also return as a zombie, whether they were bitten or not. Protect yourself, wear bite proof armor if you are leaving a safe area.

#3 Location, Location, Location

Know where you’ll set up your base camp, because you need to consider what is in the vicinity. You need sources of food and water readily available for as long as possible. Setting up near a major grocery store can be a wise decision, as this will likely have been abandoned in the shock and panic of the attack. Be mindful of drifters, floating zombies that could lurk around any corner in any aisle.

#4 Bring The Boom

Before you set up base camp, even now before the apocalypse even occurs, you are going to have to go on a hunt for weapons and ammunition. If you have none of these, check local ammunition shops, pawn shops, and major chain stores like Walmart. These generally carry both weapons and the ammo for them, and you can get a few tools and makeshift weapons to help you in a clutch. These will be far more scarce after zombies have come back. Once these resources have been tapped, you can search door to door, especially in more rural areas, but ensure you take a gun and ammo with you to dust any zombies in any of the homes you are checking.

In conclusion, this will be a terrible time to be living in. But if you are able to take the advice listed above, you should be able to fend them off. This plan does not come without risks, but there are risks in everything when zombies are involved. Parting words of wisdom for what might be coming: check for bites, keep yourself armed, move quickly when out in the open, and never blindly trust anyone in this new world.

Greg Diffley writes about pop culture and film as well as employment verification.

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