How To Protect Your House From Wrath Of Twisters

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Tornadoes are the worst storms of nature and the worst thing about them is that they can strike with little or in some cases no warning. In fact, even a mild tornado can demolish entire neighborhoods leaving the signs of destruction spread for miles. Therefore, you should learn how to protect yourself and your family against these violent storms and where to take shelter if the calamity does strike.

Strengthen Your House Against Tornadoes:

Following lines explain how you can strengthen your house to wither the fierce storm successfully.

  • Roof Shingles:
  • Roof is the first part of your house that is usually blown away by the tornado. Once that happens, heavy rains will soak the insulations, drywalls and walls as there will be no bracing from the above and they will eventually collapse. Therefore, shingles near the edge of the roofs that hold them together with the walls should be in special mastic during refreshing and strengthening your home.

  • Foundation Anchors:
  • Sometimes, the tornado is so powerful that it can lift the entire house in single piece. In this regard, never leave your home’s foundations without any support and always bolt them with rest of the house and ground. There are many readymade materials available in the market to attach the house firmly with the foundations such as anchors that can fix the home to the ground firmly.

  • Rafter Fastening:
  • Fastening of the rafters to the rest of the house and walls is extremely important. Traditionally, these angled beams supporting roof sheathing were just nailed to the walls. This arrangement is rather dangerous for your house as the nails tend to split rafters apart. On the contrary, you should use things like “hurricane connectors” that are 5-15 % stronger than nails and therefore, can face the music of gyrating winds quite successfully.

  • A Tornado Room:
  • If you are building a new home in an area that is plagued by tornadoes, you should make special arrangements right from the beginning. One such arrangement is a special tornado room that can act like a bomb proof container when the tornado strikes. Select an interior room and use a strong and reinforced concrete, a steel door and do not build any windows. Furthermore, fasten the room to the ground properly as well.

  • Fortify Garage Doors:
  • A garage door is generally the weakest link in your home in case tornado or hurricane strikes it. Once your garage door is blown away, no power except God can stop the fierce winds to demolish rest of your house. In this regard, a single garage door is more likely to survive the wrath of the storm than double doors. In addition, you should use a door that is less than 9 feet wide, devoid of windows and that can withstand 50 plus pounds of pressure per square foot to shut your garage.

  • Shut Windows Up:
  • There is no point of keeping your windows and doors open to the wild twisters. Open windows allow flying debris to enter your home and fill it up like balloon that is prone to blow away. Therefore, always keep your windows shut in case of tornadoes and strengthen doors and walls using concrete clothes so that your house may survive the tornado.


Above mentioned are some of the tips that will allow you to protect your house and family from one of the most ruthless phenomena of nature.

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