How To Recover Fast And Safely After Natural Disaster

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Whenever, any natural calamity strikes your area, your first and foremost duty is to take proper care of your family and yourself as you might have to deal with many serious problems before you are rescued. Any member of your family may suffer from any disease or injury due to debris-filled roadways, contaminated water, electrical and fire hazards, and displaced wildlife.

To avoid health problems, follow these tips.

  • Follow public announcements

    The local authorities of your area will always be there to help you in case of natural disaster. They will constantly update you about the weather condition or whether the water is safe for cooking and drinking and not. You need to listen to these announcements and act accordingly.

  • Avoid Travelling in Affected Areas

    Similarly, be careful about traveling in the areas hit by flood or earthquakes or any other natural disaster. Always follow the signboards about water on the road or weak roads. Floods and earthquakes can weaken the roads and bridges that can collapse under the weight of your vehicle.

  • Avoid unstable buildings and structures

    Just like roads and bridges, natural calamities can cause the buildings and structures to get frail and therefore, avoid getting close to such buildings that you suspect can fall at any time. Immediately leave the place if you hear any shifting voice that indicates that the structure is about to collapse.

  • Beware of electrical and fire hazards

    After disaster, avoid working under or touching overhead power lines and stay away from fallen lines as well. Similarly, avoid burning candles and lanterns near flammable items. On the other hand, it is always better to use battery operated lights such as flash lights and call the professionals to remove the electrical hazards instead of testing your own skills.

  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

    Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and it is odorless and tasteless as well. Therefore, you need to avoid using, camp stove and/or other gasoline, charcoal grill and charcoal burning device that can produce carbon monoxide in any enclosed or partially enclosed area. Even ventilating the room or using fans will not prevent the gas from accumulating in the home. If you feel dizzy or weak while gasoline devices are at work, immediately rush to the fresh air to prevent any damage.

  • Beware of wild animals

    Different wild animals such as snakes prefer to live in structures damaged by flood or earthquake as they provide them easy access. Therefore, try your level best to avoid stray and wild animals and call the local authorizes to clear the area for you.

  • Pace yourself and get support

    Look out for the signs that indicate that you are suffering from physical and emotional exhaustion. It is absolutely necessary for you to learn how to recognize and fight with stress. In this regard, it is better for you to never work alone and try to remain in the company of your beloved ones.

  • Treat wounds

    If you accidentally suffer from any wound or scratch from the debris, immediately clean it with fresh water and soap. Furthermore, immediately get the medical treatment if the wound drains or swells or if you have not had any tetanus booster in recent years.

Above mentioned are some of the tips that can help you to protect yourself and your family from any damage to life and property during the repair and rehabilitation work after natural disasters.

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