How To Turn Your Home Into An Ultimate Shelter When Disaster Strikes

When a major disaster strikes, you want to be ready. Your home can be a fortress that you use to protect your family, but you need to make sure you take steps to turn your home into the ultimate shelter. It’s important that everyone can feel safe at home and be protected from whatever may come.


You need an upgraded security system that you can run with a battery or generator. When you have a better security system, you can keep looters out of your house. Also, you can scavenge for batteries to keep the system going.


You need to have a pantry in your home that carries several weeks of food. You want to build this pantry up over time as you do your regular grocery shopping. Filling this room with canned good and dried foods will help keep the family fed. Cycle through the food when it starts to reach it’s expiration date and slowly replace what you use so nothing goes to waste.


If there really is a disaster, you want to make sure that the windows are covered. The covering on the windows can prevent wind and rain from coming in the windows are broken. Consider getting dual-pane windows to keep the heat in during cold weather. Also, you may want to use blackout shades that will help to prevent people from looking inside.

Safe Room

You need to create a safe room in your home for the family. These are typically rooms in the basement that do not have outside access. You can store your pantry food in there, and you can keep weapons in the room for your protection. Your family can retreat to this room if something serious happens to the home.

The Fireplace

Keeping your fireplace in good condition is a must. When you are hiding in your home for a long period of time, you will need something to keep the family warm. If your fireplace is in good condition, you can keep the fireplace running all winter to warm the family.


You need to keep a generator in the house that you can run on gasoline or propane. These fuels will be easy to find in the aftermath of a disaster, and the generator can run all your electronics for communication. These generators can also be used to power the home if you can find fuel.

You need to be prepared for a disaster, and you need to be sure that your family has a plan. When remodeling your home or building from scratch, it’s important to keep these things in mind. Professional builders can make any room and use almost any material you want.

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