How to use a rangefinder to increase your survival rate when SHTF

Archery is an important skill which you may want to consider especially by using it as a survivalist skill. Your skill in archery, or even in shooting can be improved just by owning a rangefinder. This equipment would be convenient useful because it is easy to travel with and are often made durable. With these features, rangefinders can sustain more physical abuse than other tools.

By having a cutting-edge rangefinder, you could even have all the functions you need in one device. For example, you can input all environmental conditions in your rangefinder and even include an angle compensator for it. No doubt, a rangefinder would be one of the most convenient and useful tool in your bug-out bag.


Improving your accuracy

As a prepper, honing your shooting or even crossbow hunting technique would be beneficial. These techniques are best practiced when you are in the field, and eventually go to the woods if you are experienced enough.

Especially when you are a beginner, a rangefinder can give you immediate feedback by letting you know how far the target is. It is only by having this information you can easily hit your target in the most accurate way possible. Furthermore, part of ‘targeting’ would be knowing what is the exact object we are shooting. A rangefinder can assist us in identifying that particular object, especially those in long-distance.


When you got lost in the woods

If you love the wilderness and like to travel deep into the woods, you need to own a laser rangefinder. This is especially useful for you by deepening your understanding of the terrain you are in. If you equip yourself with a rangefinder, you are getting an edge by spying whether there are any animals or threats around.

Many methods can be employed to increase your terrain awareness such as understanding how some animals behave habitually. Also, you are able to measure the distance you are required to travel either uphill or downhill. This is really important because in such a situation, every ounce of energy matters and getting every information you can get would help tremendously in the decision-making process.


Distance yourself from danger

There may be situations where a robber had taken a knife or a gun to threaten you. In such a situation, you have to decide properly on what can be done. Sometimes, being aggressive and shooting the person would be a bad idea. However, it is still beneficial for you to have shooting accuracy in the bag, so that you can use it when it is necessary.

There are other options if you are skillful enough in shooting. You can just choose to break a nearby lamp by slinging the lead, or just to scare the person threatening you off. As a prepper, you need to have such contingency plans.


Man shooting ArrowClosing up to your target

There may be situations where you just need to move without making noise, one step may let the animal or person find you. By utilizing a rangefinder, you would be able to stay still and still effectively observe your target.

These situations may vary, for example, when you are hunting where you need to move closer quietly while maintaining the accuracy of your shot. Research have shown that having a rangefinder itself would psychologically give you a mental edge.

A hunter who uses a rangefinder would know how far the distance would be between him and the target. If you know the distance accurate, you would be able to pay more attention in executing the shot properly rather than thinking about whether you got the shot accurate. This would significantly increase your chances of hitting your target.


Help you to keep a watchful eye

You would need to be on constant surveillance especially in SHTF situations. Having a rangefinder would make it easier for you to scout for animals, help you ‘defend’ a set perimeter of location, navigate through any terrain and even help you look for food or water in times of need!

Since a rangefinder only require batteries to function, you can stock up on some batteries. Also, most rangefinders would be able to last for several hours of use, which is an advantage as compared to using drones.



Remember to review what features you need before purchasing a rangefinder to save cost. Despite it being an extremely useful tool, the gadget would only be as effective as its user. There are several mistakes you may want to look out for such as having your target out of range, being focused on the wrong target or not account for elevation angle.

Remember that the laser rangefinder would only be stating the maximum range estimate if the reflective capacity of the target is highly reflective. As for the target being out of range, it usually happens in situations where the user is not aware of the possibility that the laser beam would be pointing somewhere else after cranking up to a certain power of magnification. If you have any ideas on how a rangefinder should be used when SHTF, please comment and share with us!





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