How You Can Avoid The Ebola Virus

Ebola is a scary word for a lot of people. We worry that we might catch it and if we do that we might die from it. It is a very real threat.

There is no vaccine for it yet but there are things you can do to help avoid it. Some of them are rather simple and others are a little more complicated. It would be a good idea to do what you can to keep yourself and your family safe.

By: CDC Global

The first thing you want to do is avoid the bodily fluids of anyone that has it. This is probably the easiest thing to do unless you have a family member that has it. You would also want to avoid direct contact with anyone who has died from it.

Unless you do have a family member with Ebola or you are a medical worker you probably won’t have to worry about coming into contact with anyone who has it for the time being. This could always change in the future so it is important to remember how to stay safe.

Another thing you can do is to avoid wild animals and wild animal meat. They can be carriers and you just can’t be too careful with that. The animals you should most likely stay away from are monkeys, forest antelope, porcupines, pigs and fruit bats. All of these animals can carry the disease.

It is also very important that you know the symptoms of Ebola. Once you do you will know if you should go to the doctor or not. You want to be very careful about it because you don’t want to assume it is nothing when you really could be carrying the disease.

This is especially important if you have traveled to an area with Ebola. It might even be a good idea to talk to your doctor about it even if you don’t have any symptoms. It would be good for them to know that you have been somewhere it was possible to get.

By following these tips you will be helping lower the chance that you will get the disease. You want to be on guard about it because if you do get it you could be in for a long road. It can be scary because a lot of people don’t understand it yet and it seems like such a strange disease.

If you have a loved one who has gotten it, make sure you listen to the doctor about what to do. They will know the best way to keep you safe and you need to follow their orders. You don’t want to do anything that could increase the chances that you or another person could get it.

Try not to worry too much if you have not been in contact with anyone who has it. Most people will not get the disease and most likely you will not get it either as long as you follow these guidelines.

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