In Pursuit: 5 Essential Items You’ll Need in Your Wardrobe This Hunting Season

With the main hunting seasons approaching quickly, you need to make sure you’re prepared for anything. Check out this list of the five essential items you’ll need in your wardrobe this season.

Scent-Free Product

Hunters should wear product that is scent-free on your hunting trip. Why? Animals in the wild tend to have a much greater range of scent capacity than we might think. For instance, deers can pick up normal human scent between 1/4 and 1/2 miles away at the very least. Wash your clothes with scent-free detergent, wear scent-free lotion, and even make sure to use scent-free soaps and lip balms.

Insulated Boots

It is important to wear insulated boots when hunting because of how painful it can be to keep your feet wet for prolonged periods of time. “Trench foot” leaves a painful prickling feeling in the feet in addition to swelling and blistering. If you have symptoms like this, see your doctor, but reduce your chances of getting trench food in the first place by wearing insulated boots that protect your feet from moisture.

Base Layer

Base layers from places like are a useful tool for any hunter to remain comfortable and safe while hunting. It is important to wear materials that will protect your skin and your body from the elements, but you don’t want to be weighed down by busy material. Base Layer is light-weight and easy to wear. If you’re hunting, consider buying a hoodie, boxers, or any other product from Base Layer.


You should always wear gloves when hunting. If your hands are too cold, they can get stiff and cramped. If they get too warm, they can become fatigued and sweaty. If you somehow get a blister on your hands, they may become swollen, bloody, or irritated. There are so many situations in which your hands could be negatively impacted when hunting, so protect them with a pair of gloves.

Masks/Face Covering

Covering your face protects you from harsh environmental conditions. It also helps conceal any scent you are carrying. It can also hide you while you are hunting. Many animals in the wild see at least 10x further and wider than the average human, so wearing something to cover your face is critical.

By following this list and obtaining these items, you will be much prepared for the upcoming hunting seasons. For more information on what to wear from a different source, check out:

Written by Rachelle Wilber

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