Is Your Family Emergency-Ready?

Tragic events are constantly occurring around the world. Some of these events are tsunamis, earthquakes and tornadoes. Unfortunately, nobody can predict when a natural disaster or emergency will strike his or her hometown. Due to this, it is important that families prepare for emergency situations.

1. Have a Fully Stocked First Aid Kit

Studies have shown that most Americans do not have a first aid kit in the home. When an injury occurs, the last thing people want is to have to go looking for the proper medical equipment. Every home needs a first aid kit. This item is useful during emergencies and in everyday life. Listed below are some of the items commonly stocked in first aid kits.

  • Bandages
  • Gauze
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Pain relievers
  • Cotton balls
  • Adhesive tapes

2. Stock Up on Batteries

Weather related emergencies generally cause power outages. To prepare for this, families need to have a supply of fresh batteries in their home. These batteries can be used with torches and weather radios.

3. Prepare a Food Supply for Emergency Situations

Many families only buy enough groceries to last until their next shopping trip. This is short sighted as there are a number of emergencies that could impact food supply. For example, a storm could result in local grocery stores shutting down for a few days. Many people were unprepared for the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As a result, they were without food and water for days. Families can prevent this from happening by stocking up on food for emergency situations. Ideally, people will have enough food to last them until help arrives. Experts recommend that there is enough food in the house to last at least 72 hours. Some people like to stock up for as long as two weeks. Water should also be stored as emergencies could limit accessibility to safe drinking water.

4. Make Copies of Important Documents

Lastly, families need to make copies of their important documents. Fires and floods can damage electronics and paperwork. These copies should be kept in a fireproof safe.

Preparing for a natural disaster or emergency situation will keep families relatively comfortable while they wait for help. Those who do not have the proper supplies will suffer from injuries, pain, hunger and a range of other issues. These problems can be easily avoided by disaster preparation.

Author Byline: Chelsea Joanne Smith is a freelance writer who specializes in prepping topics such as disaster preparation and long term food storage options.

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