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How to Keep Warm When a Winter Storm Knocks Your Power Out

Winter has already hit parts of the USA and soon enough, snow is sure to follow. If you’re lucky enough to still be enjoying balmy temperatures, now’s the time to prepare for the upcoming winter months.

When the forecast calls for wintry weather, most people dash to the store to stock up on necessities. Unfortunately, most people never think about their power going out. Here’s what you need to know about staying warm if your power goes out.

Be Prepared

Nothing beats a little advanced planning. When winter sets in, you need to be ready. Even a little freezing rain can bring down power lines, so you need to have a readiness plan. Make sure you have extra blankets, clothes, and non-perishable food ready. You should have a fully charged portable battery for your smartphone and if possible, one for your laptop as well.

Plan for Medical Emergencies

If you or a family member suffer from a medical condition that requires power for treatment, you need to stay vigilant. Arrange for transportation prior to inclement weather setting in. Since most winter storms are predicted days in advance, make sure you stay current and if necessary, go to a safe place. In the worst case scenarios, head to the nearest hospital.

Avoid Opening and Closing Exterior Doors

If the power goes out, you need to keep the heat inside your home. Refrain from opening and closing exterior doors as much as possible. Provide an extra layer of insulation by covering windows and doors with old blankets or towels to prevent the heat from escaping. This is especially important if your home is older and not well insulated.

Alternative Methods of Heat

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Hopefully, if the power does go out, it won’t be out for long. However, there are cases of winter storms producing massive power outages that last for days. If this happens, you need to find alternative sources of heat.

For example, during the day, open the curtains and let the sun warm your home. If you place dark blankets on exposed areas that the sun hits, you’ll be able to soak up even more warmth. Just be sure to close the curtain when the sun goes down. If the power outage causes issues with your home’s electrical system, you need professional electrical services to get it up and running again.

Extra Layers

If the power goes out, the easiest way to stay warm is by adding layers. Add thin layers that you can remove to prevent overheating. Thermals, followed by long-sleeved shirts, do wonders to keep you warm. The key is not adding too many at a time. Even if it’s cold inside your home, you want to keep your body temperature as close to normal as possible.

The best way to get through a winter power outage is preparing in advance. Stay on top of the weather forecast and make sure your home is ready in case the power does go out.

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