Know how Knowledge can Help You To Survive On Earth

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Learning happens every day. We are not just talking about concrete facts like E=mc&sup2, but things you absorb from the world around you, without even realising it sometimes. The key to gaining knowledge is to have an alert mind sensitive to everything that’s happening. When we analyse problems, we develop critical thinking. The more we think about issues the better we get at arriving to solutions. Look at the most successful people around you. Just take your boss or team leader. You will find a swift, discerning mind capable of making decisions within minutes.

Knowledge is awareness; how to go through the day in the best possible fashion, and making the most out of it in the process. Why do you think elderly people are considered to be wise? They have experienced and seen more. But the kind of fast-paced world we are living in does not wait for us to get old and make sense of things. You need to learn quickly to win the race.

It is best to impart knowledge at a young age. Your children need to learn, right from now, the importance of thinking critically. Children need more than classroom knowledge to get ahead in this world. Many educational institutions are starting to realise the significance of this notion. Right from primary level, kids are encouraged in games that seem fun, but really do more than that.

Teachers are imbibing problem solving skills to kids as young as 5 years of age. Children tend to scream and pull each other’s hair out for every single thing. You might think that they will get over this behaviour as they mature, but it is important to make them realise the value of talking things out early on. Treasure hunting games are a great way of enhancing children’s thinking ability, at the same time teaching them how to coordinate with a team to win.

If you see your children fighting over the remote, each wanting to watch a different program, don’t simply switch off the TV and banish them to their rooms. Explain how giving and adjusting brings peace. Cultivate in your child the habit of finishing homework on time by promising some treats. Slowly, qualities like punctuality and obedience will come naturally to them.

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Sophie Samuel is a blogger from London in UK. She loves kids and therefore loves to write articles related to children. As a single mother, she took up writing as her profession to meet the educational expenses of her kids and the family. She says that child support agency has helped her much in upbringing her kids and she recommends the same to any single parent looking for guidance. For any guidance during emergency situations regarding her children, she calls in the child support phone number for assistance.

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