Legacy Foods Review

by Shane White

Legacy Food Storage is one of a few long term food storage companies that strives to produce products that are GMO Free, Gluten Free, No Preservatives, and is reasonably high in calories. Every package clearly states these features for the health conscious. It also seems to be one of the less expensive freeze dried foods on the market. Legacy Food Storage send me some samples. Here are my thoughts.

Cheese & Broccoli Soup Mix – I found the Cheese and Broccoli Soup Mix to be somewhat difficult to mix. They recommend that you use a whisk on the package to mix it thoroughly. I did not have a whisk while preparing and found it a bit clumpy. The soup did smell good and tasted OK. The broccoli was a little chewy after preparation.

The Label States: 280 calories per serving. GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Uses Sea Salt, No MSG/I+G/AYE, No Trans Fats, Low Cholesterol. Does contain Milk.

Oatmeal with Brown Sugar – The Oatmeal with Brown Sugar cooked up easily and quickly. I prepared this twice and since I didn’t taste the Brown Sugar, I figured that it wasn’t mixed in the package well so I cooked it again after mixing the powder thoroughly and decided that it just wasn’t meant to be as sweet as the instant oatmeal that you get in the store. The oatmeal did taste good, however, just was not as sweet as I am used too.

The Label States: 390 calories per serving. GMO Free, Gluten Free, Uses Sea Salt, No MSG/I+G/AYE, No Trans Fats, Low Cholesterol, High in Fiber, No Sodium.

Pasta Primavera – I had to cook this considerably longer than the label stated for the pasta to be cooked thoroughly. It did smell and taste good when it was finally cooked.

The Label States: 420 calories per serving. GMO Free, Vegetarian, Uses Sea Salt, No MSG/I+G/AYE, No Trans Fats, Low Cholesterol, Good Source of Fiber.

All packages say they will last for up to 25-years. There are oxygen absorbers inside each package and they have been flushed with nitrogen so they should last a long time. None of the packages are resealable. If you purchase this brand, I suggest that you buy some very large zip lock bags so you can make sure the product is mixed well and so you can save some for later.

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