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The Legacy of a Hunter: Preparing Your Kids for Doomsday

2012 was allegedly the year that would be the harbinger of apocalypse—seven years down the line today in 2019, the world is still safe, sound and moving at its pace, as it should, however, have you ever given it a thought that it could be any minute that it could begin and we wouldn’t even get to know what hit us? A global meltdown; an asteroid strike; a mega meteor shower, raining fire down on Earth or a Nuclear Holocaust, it could be anything or more to end the world that we know now.

To begin with, this is not to infest you with fear or to have doubts but simply to put across a point, how to always be ready in case things go downhill for all of us.

Here’s a rundown for you in few points, what are the essentials to always keep handy and stock to prepare for the worst and also prepare your kids for the same—

Food and Water

Since the beginning of the wars in the world, those that lasted for decades and even centuries prepared humankind for the worst leading to popularising canned; non-perishable food when times are tough. Frozen foods, Ready-to-Eat meals and military rations also have a great shelf life and can come handy.

On an advanced note, if it lasts not for days but months the safest option is to grow your own food with opting for what is called the ‘heirloom seeds’ which are not hybrid and will produce more seeds, produce after produce along with hand gardening tools to have on your apocalypse power supply list.

Water that is fit for drinking is even more important than the food in the short term for making it through the uncalled situation. There are also options available for supplies that can heal the contaminated water, cleaning them of bacteria and viruses. Also, keep a t-shirt or a coffee filter handy to clean the suspended dirt particles or any other solids present in water.

Teach your kids how to use basic things. Simple cooking tricks and cleaning dirty water. This will at least give you some hope, in case something goes really wrong, your kid will not die of hunger and thirst.


As fantastical or straight of a Hollywood movie it might read, it is always better to have an alternate option for a home ready when an occasion might demand you to leave the comfort of your house. In case of an Apocalypse or doomsday situation, you will not be able to live in the comfort of the four walls of your house, especially in an urban setup where there are too many mouths to feed. A reliable option is to camp it out in a safe and less populated area, might as well find a cave or a cabin to stay which is away from the human population. Keep handy something to reduce the exposure or a compact tent that can come to your rescue. Of course, along with the food and water option we have shared above.


The miscellaneous list is as important as food and shelter because for the first 72 hours, you need something that would keep you going amid the chaos and dire situation, where life of every single being on earth is at stake. This kit is not just for you but for your kids too, this will ensure that they have supplies of their own, should they get lost or something happens to you.

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Image by 4144132 from Pixabay

To move to your safe place in the critical period of fleeing, there are necessary items that should be kept handy and are a must —

First Aid Kit:

It goes without saying how important the kit is, especially when you are on a run to safeguard your life. From a simple band-aid to bigger things that would come-in handy should make it to your first aid list, along with the long-term supply of your prescription drugs and other important medications.

Something to Start a Fire:

We absolutely do not mean you have to burn down a forest into a pile of ashes but keep a lighter or matchsticks, even dry wood handy to start a fire for camping and cooking purposes. Not only it will keep you safe in the wild, it will also keep you warm and your stomach full.


It might be rendered useless, but never know when it can come handy for you and your children and save you from a sticky situation.

Basic Cooking Equipment:

It can include anything you feel is important and necessary to cook your meals to survive, a basic pan and something that can fetch water should make to your priority list. This is a basic necessity because you simply have no idea how long will you have to fight the adverse situations.

A Knife:

This is one of the most important equipment that made to our list and should be in everyone’s doomsday survival kit, including your kids. For this we recommend Best of Damascus Steel Knives or the wootz steel knives to survive the time of unrest and chaos. This hybrid variety of steel is known for its toughness and water like texture when carved into knives. The idea that first created this long-lasting steel was an understanding how combining various metals would create a weaponry of strength and a strong impact.


The idea is to always be prepared and most importantly prepare your children for the doomsday. You do not have to jump the gun and frighten them out of their wits, rather converse with them about an adverse situation that might arise someday in the future. For all you know, they never have to see the dreadful day, however, you will leave a legacy behind that will pass on to generations preparing them for the worst and how to last such trying times.

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