Living the Survivalist Life by Choice, Not Necessity

When the apocalypse eventually and inevitably hits, everyone will have to go off of the grid — however, choosing to do it before zombies attack could be the best way to survive. If you make the choice to live off-grid, you have more time to gather supplies, get your affairs in order, and mentally prepare. You’ll even get to avoid a hectic and potentially violent shopping trip when every other person on earth rushes to the store for supplies. Aside from outliving people who aren’t as prepared and avoiding that headache, here are some benefits of opting for a survivalist lifestyle.


  1. Physical Benefits

The most obvious benefit is increasing your overall physical health. From foraging and hunting to teaching yourself survivalist cooking and gardening, your body will quickly adapt to your new lifestyle. Because you won’t be sitting at a desk or watching TV day in and day out, you’ll be able to do what humans were created to: walk, move, and enjoy the world around you!


In addition, you will have complete control over what you eat. If you create your diet from sustainable resources, no one will try to sneak in added sugars, fats, and chemicals to keep you hooked on their products. The food you eat is less processed and higher in nutrients, which keeps you satiated and healthy.


Not only that, but you decrease your risk for disease caused by pollution and chemical threats. Asbestos doesn’t exist in nature or places you create yourself. According to Baron and Budd, “Mesothelioma is more prevalent in geographic regions where oil & gas refineries, chemical plants, manufacturing plants, shipyards, and other industrial sites are present.” By removing yourself from dangerous environments and germ-infested public spaces, you eliminate many common threats to your health.


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    Mental Benefits

Off the Grid News explores the ways in which living off-grid is unexpectedly beneficial to your mental health. Daily stressors, such as your commute or pesky neighbor, no longer exist in your life. You have more free time, so you get to bond with loved ones or be creative. Best of all, you can immerse yourself in nature and reconnect with the world around you. By relying only on yourself and the earth, you get to disconnect from the constraints of society and be your own person (whoever that is).


You can expand your mind and gain a new perspective on the world, and learn plenty of new, useful skills. Learning a trade is important to surviving in the wild. In fact, learning the essentials of trades such as carpentry or plumbing could end up saving your life. No one will be there to fix the damage your shelter sustained from a bear attack, so you have to able to do it yourself. And, best of all, if you ever want to create your own utopian society post-apocalypse, you’ll have all the necessary knowledge to do it.


  1. Financial Benefits

Though you may want to spend some money on useful technology before committing to your survivalist lifestyle, living off-grid is actually incredibly inexpensive. You will no longer be tied down to monthly bills like power or water, credit card payments, or overspending on material goods that you don’t really need. If you don’t have to pay for your food or rent, you’re free to put your money elsewhere, such as upgrading to a compostable toilet or solar panels. Though these are larger initial investments, they often save money in the long run.



Now wait just a minute before you go stock up on supplies, quit your day job, and begin building your nuclear shelter in the woods. Just because you read a few articles on the internet doesn’t mean you’re ready or able to survive in the wild. Making sure you’re ready before heading into the wilderness is your key to success, and going before you’re forced to is the best way to be fully prepared.



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Brooke Faulkner’s mission in life is to be prepared for anything life throws at her. As a mother of two, more often than not that includes legos and snotty viruses. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found zipping around the wilderness on her ATV.

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