How to Maintain Your Firearms in Survival Situations

Recently, firearms are being embraced, especially in survival situations. When choosing the firearm, you need to consider your budget, storage facilities, legal restrictions, personal preference, and the uses of the firearm. Before you buy or pick the firearm, familiarize yourself with it, especially, how to use it in emergency situations. As a beginner, always handle the firearm as if it were loaded. Avoid pointing the equipment to anything or anyone you are not intending to shoot and never place your finger on the trigger knot unless you are ready to shoot.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Firearm:

  • Versatility

Most of guns are used for hunting and defense purposes. When choosing your firearm, look at how well it performs both actions.

  • Application

A survival gun is mostly used to help you in an emergency situation. At this point, you must have a look at the applications that will help you defend yourself properly.

  • Availability

When choosing a firearm in a survival situation, ensure you check on its ammo availability. If the gun is readily available, its ammunition should be readily available as well especially during the tough economic times.


Gun ShootingShooting Fundamentals in a Survival Situation:

In emergency situations, you need to be very careful when handling your gun. Some of the basic tips of using your gun in survival situations are hold your firearm firmly with a proper grip and align the sight of your gun on the target while placing the center of the first pad of the finger you use to pull the trigger. Begin by pressing the trigger reward slowly and smoothly without moving anything else. Finally, after creating enough pressure on your trigger, it will automatically move until the striker in the firearm is activated. When doing this, you should have a firm grip on the firearm.


Firearm Maintenance in Survival Situation:

After using your gun, make sure that you clean it and keep it in the best condition possible. A well taken care gun will always bring you positive results and improve your accuracy when firing. For safety purposes, there are various steps that should be used when maintaining your gun. If the steps are followed correctly and consistently, the entire process of cleaning your gun boosts your gun handling techniques and tips will serve you well in different situations. Make sure that you read the user manual carefully on how to assemble and disassemble your gun correctly.


How-to Maintain Your Gun:

  • Safely unload the firearm.

When unloading your firearm always place the muzzle point facing a safe direction. Always treat the gun as if it’s loaded and your finger should be placed away from the trigger.

  • Eject the magazine.

If your firearm has a magazine, make sure that you eject it safely to avoid any danger.

  • Empty the chambers.

When emptying the chambers, pull the slide of your gun physically, visually and ensure there are no cartridges that are left in the chamber or the magazine. Make sure that your gun is unloaded to avoid any surprises.

  • Identify the parts you will be cleaning.

In a firearm, there are four parts that should be cleaned. The four parts are the frame, slide, guide rod and recoil spring and the barrel. When cleaning these parts, wipe down all the components using a cloth. Apply some solvent on all the dirty components; let the solvent remain in the parts of the firearm for a few minutes so that they can absorb the dirt. Scrub your firearm with a brush and finally wipe clean your gun, and it will be ready for storage.


Storage of Your Gun in Survival Situations:

  • Trigger Locks

These are simple and affordable places where you can store your gun and this will prevent access from children and unauthorized users.

  • Gun Cases

These cases are readily available in the market in different sizes and shapes to fit any type of a firearm.

  • Strong and Secure Boxes

Manufacturers have made an effort of providing gun owners with a case that can’t be stolen thus protecting and maintaining their gun effectively.

  • Gun Safes

These are the most secure gun storage facilities. They are affordable and readily available.

For a gun to serve its purpose effectively, it should be taken care of in the best way possible. It’s important to practice so as to perfect your gun handling. It’ll help you react accordingly in case of an emergency situation.



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