4 Ways to Make Your Car Apocalypse-Ready

With the way the political climate is these days, you never know what might be on the horizon. Every day in the news we hear threats of war, natural disasters wreaking havoc, and even violence breaking out between fellow-citizens. Like many people, you like to be prepared for the worst, but more than most people, you’re willing to actually take steps to be prepared. Whether to outrun nuclear fallout, a blazing wildfire, or even a zombie apocalypse, your car is going to be the most important piece of survival equipment in your arsenal. Here are 4 major ways you can make sure your car, like you, is ready to handle any emergency.


Whether you’re facing manmade disasters like guns and shrapnel, or natural disasters like hailstorms and hurricane debris, your windows can either serve as your greatest shield or your weakest link. Getting bullet-proofed windows can be very expensive, but less expensive and equally practical is shatter-resistant film. Window films can come with tints to protect against UV rays, but more importantly, they hold together your window glass to ensure that, even if the glass is shattered, you aren’t faced with the dangers of glass shards filling your car seats. This is not only effective in disaster situations, but it also is relevant to protecting you in the event of a car accident. With a film keeping your window in one piece, whether it has cracks or not, you’ll be safer in any kind of disaster.

Solid Suspension 

When it comes to using your car or truck to escape danger, you realize that you might have to be prepared to take your vehicle off-road. Despite what the commercials show, not every car is built for rough terrain. Loose dirt or sticky mud can trap a wheel or even two, bringing your car to a sudden and potentially dangerous halt. Uneven terrain can also throw your axles out of alignment or, from the rocking of the vehicle, cause damage to the gears and internal mechanisms. If you want your vehicle to be prepared for emergency driving, you’ll want to consider upgrading your car with 4WD suspension. Having four-wheel drive ensures that even if one or two wheels are unable to find traction, you still have another set ready to pull your car to safety. This is especially useful in today’s weather extremes, where many parts of the world face incredible cold fronts that create slick and dangerous driving situations that require as much control as possible to navigate. The suspension can also help ensure that your car isn’t rattled if it has to drive over debris or ice-covered side roads, preventing costly damage to the internal structure of your vehicle. Whether you’re facing an apocalyptic disaster or a seasonal threat, 4WD suspension can provide incredible amounts of control and protection to your vehicle.

Adequate Lighting 

No disaster is convenient, and you can’t expect it to happen at a convenient time. As summer approaches with its threats of deadly wildfires like the world faced last year, you may find yourself forced to flee in your car in the dead of night, with the road further engulfed in thick smoke. Heavy fogs, ash from volcanic eruptions, blizzards, and even dust blown by high-velocity winds are just a few of many other emergency situations that could limit your visibility. As safely and as slowly as you drive, however, other drivers will be as blinded as you are, putting both of you at great risk of collision. This is where your car’s fog lights come in. Today’s cars are equipped with bright fog lights that can light up the night. However, yours might not be bright enough to penetrate disaster-level obstructions, especially if your capsules are older. LED headlights can sometimes come in bulbs that already fit your vehicle, though some capsules, and all HID capsules, will require retrofitting in order to install them. To really penetrate the worst of lighting conditions, upgrading your headlights to the brightest possible options is essential. Having this will protect you and other drivers from collision, and will also allow you to navigate safely around hazardous obstructions. 

The Right Tires for the Job 

When it comes to gearing up your vehicle for the unknown, you need tires that will be suitable for on and off-road travel. Tires with worn tread will slide easily on slick surfaces, whereas deep tread tires will grip more securely onto both on and off-road surfaces. Not only do they increase your element of control over the vehicle, however, they also increase fuel efficiency overall. When your tires are able to grip the road properly, the weight behind them can actually work to help propel the vehicle forward rather than make the motor work harder. That grip also helps give better control in terms of redirecting your car’s momentum when you have to swerve, decreasing the risk of skidding. If you really want to be prepared for the worst on the road, it is very important to keep your tires filled and to swap them out before the tread wears down too far as to compromise your control.


Disaster strikes at inconvenient times, often allowing for little to no preparation in advance. The ability to escape a situation or to travel to a designated safe place as necessary is essential, as is the ability to travel safely. To outfit a vehicle for a survival situation, you must plan ahead of time to ensure that your emergency get-away is not going to fail at the first hurdle, and that you will be protected while travelling inside.

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