MRE Star review

by Shane White

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I would like to thank MRE Star for sending me a few MREs to review. MRE Star provides meals to many government, private, and charitable agencies nationally and internationally. All their meals range between 1100 and 1300 calories and are ideal for hunting, hiking, camping and emergencies.

Their web site states the shelf life to be pretty good based on temperature. Between one month when stored at around 120° F and sixty months when stored at around 50° F. So the cooler you store them the longer they should last.

Here are a few that I got to try and my thoughts on them.

chicken noodle mre

Chicken Noodle Stew w/Vegetables – 200 Calories. tastes like canned stew. I thought it was pretty good.
Pink Lemon-aid mix – 90 calories. Tastes like sweettarts.
Dry Fruit – 300 calories. Tastes like a dried fruit mix with sugar in it. Was good. Bananas were really good.
Sugar Cookies – 280 calories. I liked these. They tasted kind of lemony.
Cracker – 170 calories. An unsalted cracker. Good flavor. It would have been better with the stew or something. I ate it separate and thought it tasted pretty good.
Total for meal – 1040 calories not including coffee and condiments.

Pinto Bean Stew with Ham – 240 calories. Not what I expected. Kind of a cross between chili and stew. Tasted good.
Sugar Cookies – 280 calories.
Pink Lemon-aid mix – 90 calories
Flour Tortillas – 180 calories. Tastes like tortillas.
Nut Raisin Mix – 240 calories. Has raisins, and nuts. Tastes good. Not salted.
Total for meal – 1030 calories not including coffee and condiments.

beef stew mre

Beef Stew – 220 calories. Tastes like canned beef stew.
High Energy Bar – 410 calories. Tastes like a big butter cookie with a little lemon flavor.
Pink Lemon-aid mix – 90 calories
Cracker – 170 calories.
Nut Raisin Mix – 240 calories.
Total for meal – 1130 calories not including coffee and condiments.

The packaging was very solid. It was a little tricky opening the packaging at times. I suggest having a knife handy for some of these. I also should mention that everything is included for consumption except for water something to drink from. Also, there really aren’t any directions such as cooking times but this isnt a big problem. I just cooked them until they felt hot enough for me. They seemed to be done to my taste at around twenty minutes. Also, be careful with the heater packets as they can split down the side a little, but they are still usable if they do.

Overall, the meals tasted good. I really enjoyed the snack mixes and the cookies. They will be nice snacks for later after you have had your meal or as a dessert or whatever. I think MRE Star makes a good tasting and reasonably priced product.

See our Survival Food Page for more information on Emergency Foods.

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