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Off the Grid: 4 Amenities Every Homesteader Needs

Living off the grid may have a romantic and natural ring to it, but it requires a lot of hard work and long days. Consider these amenities and make your life easier and more fulfilling. You will be able to cut your chores in half and spend more time enjoying nature.

Greenhouse Growing

Unless you live on an island where the temperature remains constant, raising vegetables, beans, herbs and grain can be a frantic battle. A greenhouse will provide higher quality of food, longer growing seasons and protection from inclement weather. You are in control of a longer planting season and harvest can be stretched over a longer period of time.

Solar Power

Collecting, storing and converting sunlight into electricity is a common sense way to bring power to your off-the-grid home. The concept is simple and not as complicated as you might have been led to believe. However, there is a lot of precise measuring and calculating needed in order to receive the biggest amount of energy. Get your solar panel installation and backup batteries set up by solar panel professionals that guarantee their work.

Water Purification

You never realize how much water you use on a daily basis until there is no easy access to it. Living near a stream or collecting rain water can be a good way to have plenty of water on hand, but water should still be filtered to guarantee no presence of bacteria. Invest in a 15-gallon stainless steel water filtration system that uses ceramic and re-cleanable filters to have purified water when you need.

Compost Toilet

Brown Grain
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Forget about the outhouse that requires cleaning and can run the risk of disease. Choose a new version of a compost toilet that is made for close quarters and has a built-in air circulation fan to help eliminate odors. Find one that separates liquids and solids plus uses natural sawdust or peat moss for turning into fertilizer. Removing the waste is delayed by days or use a fitted pipe for easy transfer.

By planning ahead, you can have several amenities that improve the quality of your natural way of living. Take steps to learn about the basics and look for products that will aid in your endeavor for off the grid living. There will always be adjustments to living off the grid, but with knowledge and today’s products, every day life can be more enjoyable.

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