OnGuard Weather Alerts App for Android – A Prepper’s Review

by Shane White

The OnGuard Weather Alerts App app warns you of much more than just weather. This app accesses advisories, watches, and warnings provided by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for: Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Wildfires, Earthquakes, Winter Weather, Extreme Temperatures, Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Volcanoes, Tsunami, Wind, 911 Outages, Fog, Flooding, Civil Emergencies, Nuclear Power Plant Warnings, Law Enforcement Warnings, Local Emergencies, Child Abduction Emergencies, Avalanches, and more. There are no ads, no text messages, and no sign-ups.

What the app does is by using your GPS location, OnGuard Weather Alerts monitors the NOAA for alerts for your area. If there is an advisory, watch, or warning in your area, your phone will set off an alarm depending on how severe the event is. I have mine set on “insistent” for warnings so I have to acknowledge them or be forced to listen to an alarm until I wake up. You can also choose which events to warn you about.

After an event, you can click on the FEMA page to get information on what you need to do after the event happens. There is also a Red Cross check in page that lets you check in to let everyone know that you are ok.

The way I see it, this app is a heads up for any kind of event that is near where I am. I know that there are weather apps that do similar things, but I have found that the OnGuard Weather Alerts app notified me several minutes earlier than these other apps. In such an event, every minute counts. I do not want to be waiting for my weather app to notify me when it feels like it. I want to be safe.

This app is $1.99 at the Android Market. Here is the link…OnGuard Weather Alerts This could be the most important app you can buy.

NOTE: This app only works within the Continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

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