Picker of Locks

If SHTF and you are anywhere near even a small a population center, one of the most important skills that you will need to know is how to pick a lock. Whether you are trying to get inside an old shed, abandoned home or gutted out grocery store – this skill may save your life. The art of picking locks may take a while to get use to, so practice up and you will be on your way!

This is an infographic for how you can prepare for a survival situation no matter where you live. If an axe or bolt cutters aren’t available, you can follow these 4 simple steps and pick right through most padlocks, deadbolts and door locks with ease. You can head over to PickerOfLocks.com for more comprehensive tutorials like how to pick a lock with a paperclip, reviews on lock picking tools and more. Don’t fear the end, get prepared!

Written by James Francisco

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