3 Reasons to Practice Range Shooting before Your Next Hunting Trip

As a hunter, you might rely on the actual hunt to hone your skills at shooting. That isn’t always a great idea. You’re likely missing a lot of opportunities to hit your target by not practicing outside of hunting season. This article will discuss three main reasons why you should practice shooting at a range before your next hunting trip begins.

Better Accuracy

One of the most important reasons that you should practice shooting is that it will improve your accuracy. The more times you do something, the better you become at it. When you use the same gun over and over, you learn how the gun kicks back. You also learn how it shoots. Few guns are made perfectly. Each has its own quirk. By learning those quirks at a range, you’re able to improve your accuracy for the real hunt.

Shoot to Kill

Whether you’re blackbuck antelope hunting or just looking to shoot down some turkeys, the goal is to limit the amount of suffering that the animal goes through. For an inexperienced hunter, you might hit an animal, but you likely won’t kill it unless you know where to shoot and how to shoot. These are skills that you can hone at a practice range. Instead of just shooting at a target, you should have replicas of the animal that you’re hunting put into place. Practice shooting in key kill zone areas. In this way, the next time you hunt, you’ll put the animal down with a single shot every time.

Learning New Weapon

Aiming a Rifle

Perhaps you received a new rifle for your next big hunting trip. Instead of trying the gun out for the first time on the hunt, you should take it to the practice range. It’s important that you understand how the gun works before you start using it out of a safe area. One of the biggest mysteries is the recoil. How much does the gun kickback after it’s fired? Knowing what to expect can help you improve your aim and effectiveness as a hunter. It will also help you learn how to use the sights on the gun, how to load it, and whether or not the gun has any problems or defects.

Accidents can happen on a hunting trip. Understanding your gun and improving your shooting skills are all reasons why you should book some time at practice range before your next trip.

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