Prepare for the Apocalypse by Learning Martial Arts

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Think for a moment about the great variety of apocalyptic scenarios. The world could be invaded by two headed aliens with astonishing speed and strength. Zombies could cause ultimate devastation in the hunt for human victims. Rabid werewolves might even begin to populate the previously pleasant pastures of England. So what are you going to do about it? Will you run for the hills or prepare for the fight? If you really want to save humanity then it’s time to start learning martial arts!

Study the Legends of Martial Arts

You will have to follow the example of martial artists such as Bruce Lee and Chia-Hui Liu if you want to stand the best chance of beating the evil-minded invaders. Dedicate yourself to the various martial arts disciplines and use criticism as the motivation to strive for physical perfection. Act with ultimate dignity and be prepared to fight your most fearsome enemies to the death. Remember the importance of being 10 steps ahead and inflicting as much pain as necessary.

Learn the Most Devastating Martial Arts

You face the risk of being bitten, clawed and gouged by the creatures of the night, or even day. It’s for this reason that you should learn the counter attacking moves of Wing Chun and Krav Maga. The first of these methods was developed by Bruce Lee as a means of combat against larger fighters. It would prove very effective in a battle against the reincarnated Frankenstein or mugger in a society in upheaval. The Krav Maga techniques may be used if you want to disarm gun and knife wielding enemies.

You might choose to develop your skills under the guidance of Muay Thai experts. They’ll teach you how to deliver powerful elbow punches and kicks as a means of dislodging the teeth of desperate vampires and werewolves. You may even be interested in learning Silat, an ancient martial art which was developed as a means of inflicting pain and suffering on invading hordes. This method involves quick fire punches and kicks to vulnerable areas of the body. It will give your enemies good reason to fear.

Perfect the Use of Martial Arts Weapons

Any aliens who watched Bruce Lee wielding a pair of Nunchakus could be forgiven for their reluctance to visit earth. Of course you can learn how to generate the same sense of fear by training in the use of these chain-linked sticks. Alternatively you could follow the example of Beatrix Kiddo and use a samurai sword to decapitate the heads of your enemies. There is also the option of training in the use of bladed weapons such as the Sai and Kama. You might even build a collection of martial arts weapons for use during apocalyptic battles.

Face Your Challenge with Courage and Determination

You are bound to feel a little concerned about your role as the chosen saviour of earth. However, if you’ve trained in the martial arts then you could draw inspiration from the words of Hakuin: ‘Should you desire the great tranquility, prepare to sweat’.

Sam Butterworth is a martials arts enthusiast, a blogger and someone who likes to be prepared for the worst. He works with Martial Art Shop, a retailer of martial arts weapons and training gear based in the UK.

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