Prepare Your Body for Survival and Daily Balance


Planning for any major life transition can get in the way of a normal and balanced lifestyle. Things are hectic while designing the perfect wedding, for example, or anticipating the birth of our first child (or parenting that baby in the first year of life). All of our energies and the way we live ahead of— and during— a big event are directed to the challenges connected to it. You can’t very easily go mountain climbing when you or your partner is six-months pregnant, and you probably won’t have the inclination (or the strength) to train for a marathon if you have a four-month-old. Yet the very skills we need to prepare for doomsday can help us live a balanced life right now.

We will be happy and at ease by learning skills that will serve us if the worst happens. Physical activities that enhance endurance lift the mood and raise optimism.


Hiking on the weekends, for instance, is a great way to get or stay in shape, bond with family, learn about nature and refine survival skills. Check online for great places to hike within a few hours of where you live. You might even want to attempt one of the five greatest hikes in North America.


Climbing at indoor rock wall facilities is a great opportunity to learn about (or teach) tying knots, staying safe, overcoming fear and building trust. So-called “gym” climbing appeals to a lot of people because it’s a noncompetitive, physically taxing but gratifying pursuit. This activity provides a fresh take on what may have become a stale workout. It’s also much more fun than a standard cardio or weight-training routine. In addition, rock gyms are climate controlled.


Archery has acquired a new appeal and popularity due to shows and movies such as “The Hunger Games.” Practicing this sport along with marksmanship will heighten confidence and increase physical fitness. Certified instruction and education about safely handling and discharging firearms and bows and arrows also result in a greater sense of freedom and control over personal property.

Repair Skills

Building projects at home or tackling repairs around the house can make you more comfortable in your environment and sharpen skills you might need in the future. Projects that kids can help with are an especially productive use of your time. The website Built by Kids has some great ideas for do-it-yourself construction, including a bean-bag toss, a footstool, a backyard BMX bike track, a kids’ play kitchen, a folding camping stool and even fireplace childproofing.

A balanced life isn’t difficult when learning new skills that are fundamental to both successful, happy living today and to getting ready for whatever scenarios may come our way.

Michelle Herrera
Known by her friends as the DIY diva, Michelle is always coming up with new and creative ways to decorate on a limited budget.

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