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How to Prepare Your Home Security for Power Outages

Power outages are extremely common, and losing electricity could have a huge impact on your home’s security if you don’t plan ahead. Luckily, with a few simple upgrades and some additional supplies, you can make sure that your family and possessions remain safe when the power goes out. This can be helpful both for short and long-term emergency situations. It’s vitally important that you can survive either temporarily or for a long-term off the grid.

Install a Generator

If you live in an area where rolling blackouts are a frequent occurrence, then you might want to install a standby generator. One of those devices will power all of the appliances in your home as well as your security system, and they often last for decades with the proper maintenance. Before you purchase a new generator, you will need to calculate your home’s energy load when all of the key appliances are turned on.

Don’t Neglect Basic Security Features

While high-tech cameras and sensors can be very effective, traditional security features are going to be your first line of defense against break-ins. In addition to high-quality locks, you might also want to spend a little time reinforcing all of your doors and windows. Many home improvement stores sell reinforcement kits that include new strike plates, longer screws, security film, and heavy-duty deadbolts. Make it so your home will remain secure even when the lights are out.

Use Battery-Powered Sensors and Cameras

Battery technology has improved quite a bit in recent years, and that technology has made security cameras and remote sensors much more reliable. Some battery-powered cameras will last for months on a single charge as long as they only turn on when motion is detected. Once those devices are installed, you should check all of the batteries at least once a month. You must also test your fire alarms and CO2 sensors at least once every month or two.

Invest in Spare Batteries and Openers

Your standby generator should keep all of your appliances running smoothly, but you might still want to invest in spare batteries and openers. Having some extra batteries and charge for your garage door openers will allow you to close and lock the garage door if the power goes out. Those batteries are also going to be needed for some of the other handheld devices in your home, including flashlights and radios.

In addition to these tips and upgrades, you must also make sure that your home is stocked with emergency supplies. Some power outages last for multiple days, and if worse comes to worse, you are going to need a good supply of food and water for those types of situations.

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