Preparedness for Life: How to Stay a Step Ahead During Disaster

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Families need to be prepared for a disaster. A house or family could be in the center of a natural disaster in a matter of minutes. One of the ways to make it through a disaster is to stay a step ahead of what is happening. This means having the right plans, knowledge and tools to deal with whatever situations arise. Several tips will help a family to stay a step ahead during disaster.

  1. Follow the Plan

    Acting quickly and decisively will help anyone to stay a step ahead during a disaster. Every minute spent pondering what to do next could cause problems. It is important to follow whatever emergency plan is in place. This could be the emergency plan for the family or one provided by the city in the event of a disaster. Emergency plans are important because they are formulated while everyone is calm. A good plan will allow a person to react and make smart decisions quickly without panicking.

  2. Carry an Emergency Pack

    Every household should have an emergency bag packed in case of emergency. The bag should contain water, food, extra clothes and important personal documents. It should also have a radio, a first aid kit and some cash inside. It is critical to grab this emergency pack when a disaster occurs even if only sheltering in the basement. The supplies in the pack can make waiting out the disaster or evacuating across a long distance safer and more comfortable.

  3. Locate Authorities Quickly

    Anyone who has been forced to leave a house because of disaster should find the authorities as quickly as possible. These could be police or fire departments. Finding the authorities helps because they will have the most information about what is happening. Police are often in touch other many other groups that are monitoring the disaster. Local authorities can make informed decisions based on a broad overview of the situation. They also have access to resources average people do not.

  4. Use Technology That Provides Advanced Alerts

    The most direct way to stay a step ahead during a disaster is to use technology that provides advanced alerts and warnings. Homeowners who install a system will receive alerts before most disasters reach the house. These alerts can come through a mobile device is no one is at home. This provides crucial extra time to prepare everyone and to get to safety. Advanced alerts and updates will keep the family informed about what is going on.

Jayla Barnsen is a freelance blogger from Eugene, Oregon. She loves to write on health and technology issues, like the importance of having a reliable home alarm system like those from Vivint security. In her spare time, Jayla loves to hike Oregon’s beautiful State parks with her two dogs.

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