Preparing For The Apocalypse: 5 Things You’ll Need To Do

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You have seen all of the movies. You have read about it in books. The apocalypse is upon you, but are you prepared? There are some things you can do to protect your family and yourself if the time were to come in the near future. Don’t be afraid because if you follow these tips, you can survive almost any natural disaster.


If the power is out, you won’t be able to keep cold foods from spoiling, and you certainly won’t be able to cook a steak on top of the stove. You need to stock up on foods that are nonperishable these include canned items like beans and fruits as well as boxed foods that don’t need to be refrigerated after opening. Store these extra items in a large plastic tote that you place in your secure area. You also need to get a supply of powdered baby formula if you have a baby. Keep a supply of three gallons of water for each person that will last for at least three days with your food.


After you have the food set aside, you need to determine how you will be able to see in the dark. Buying a few emergency generators is ideal for this type of situation. The generators are normally run off of gasoline, so you need to have some on hand before the disaster strikes. Only use the generator when necessary because you don’t want to waste the gasoline in case you can’t get to a store.


Make sure you have a radio that operates on batteries and perhaps a television that operates on batteries so that you get important news updates. You should also make sure your cell phone is fully charged before the disaster so that you can call family members or emergency personnel.

Where to Go

Create a plan with your family of where to go if there is a disaster. Make sure everyone knows how to get to your shelter at any time of the day or night. You also need to make a plan so that everyone knows where they will go if they are at school or in town. A basement is a safe place to stay, or you can build a storm cellar that is specifically for disasters.


A few days before the disaster, if you know ahead of time, fill your car up with gasoline. You don’t want to wait until the day before because everyone in the city will be lined up to get gas, and gas stations could run out. Keep cash on you in case you have to leave your home because if the power is out, you can’t use an ATM machine.

Stay updated with your local news station so that you receive notifications of impending disasters. If you know something is headed your way whether it is a hurricane or snow storm, you will be ready to keep your family safe. Start making a disaster kit now before the disaster arrives so that you have everything your family needs including food and water.

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