Preparing for the Worst: Having a Clear Disaster Plan for Your Family

Unfortunately, natural disasters never come during a convenient time, that’s why it’s essential to have a plan in place before they occur. Whether it’s tornados, hurricanes, or some other kind of event, make sure every family member knows what the plan is and what to do. A disaster plan can have several different parts, but here are some essentials that should be included no matter what:

1. Learn What Disasters are Common in Your Area

Understanding your immediate risks is paramount to overall safety. Some of the more common are flooding, tornadoes, and wildfires, so be sure to request information from reputable sources about what to do when one occurs.

You should also know the warning signs for the most common events in your area and how to respond appropriately. Familiarize yourself with any and all community warning signals, such as sirens and emergency announcements.

Food Pantry2. Build Your Shelter

If your house does not come with an approved disaster shelter, such as one built for tornadoes, you should strongly consider building one. If this is out of the question, identify the strongest points in your house to go to in times of disaster.

There may be some cases when it is necessary to flee your house and go to a different area. For this reason, you should also have a secondary safe location already mapped out in case of disaster. Make sure every member of your family is familiar with these safe zones, as well as the best escape routes out of the house.

3. Keep Supplies Ready

When a disaster hits, you may be without certain services such as water and electricity for a while, so make sure that you have a disaster kit stocked and accessible.

One idea that many homeowners are implementing is attaching their emergency shelter to a well near their property. By getting a well dug by a company like Mike’s Drilling, you can have fresh water delivered to your shelter regardless of the natural disaster occurring outside. You will need a permit, but this idea could save your life.

4. Review, Review, Review

Make sure every member of your family is knowledgeable about the plan, and that you also have a way to communicate should the disaster occur. Identify a contact person for everyone to call and let know about their safety, and then memorize that number.

It’s also a good idea to practice the emergency plan on a regular basis. Run drills with the whole family often in order to commit the plans to memory. When a disaster hits, you may have only moments to respond, so making sure everyone understands and is trained for a disaster can make all the difference in the world.



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