Prepper Romance–TEOTWAWKI (with a side of steam)

Prepper Romance–TEOTWAWKI (with a side of steam)
Heather Bennett
Decadent Publishing

In creating new categories for authors to write for, a publisher looks at trends–in book sales, what’s on TV, what people are buying, and more. What did I see? Survival shows aplenty, prepper shows, SHTF shows like The Walking Dead, Revolution, and Last Resort garnering big followings and huge ratings. I saw a new crop of Urban Homesteading pages and sites, self-sufficiency training flyers, and people on the news figuring out the FEMA can’t get to everyone an hour after a disaster strikes.

I also knew romance sells more fiction than any other category on Amazon.
Prepping is gaining in popularity (up 450%).
Preppers read.
Non-preppers are curious.
PREPPER ROMANCE was born as a category at Decadent Publishing.

We want preppers to have stories they can related to, see themselves in. It’s a bit of fantasy in a world dealing with harsh realities and possibilities, a dash of hope, of lighthearted fun. We also wished to address non-preppers and show that preppers are their neighbors, their brothers, their school teachers and ministers. They’re people who love and live just like everyone else, only with a few more #10 cans of freeze dried chicken in the basement.

Finding MercyThe Princess and the PrepperFalling for Water

The first three stories we contracted were planned as a short series. They’re ‘prepper lite’, they introduce the characters as normal people who happen to prep. The fictitious town, Evan’s Point, is based on a REAL town in the US–the hometown of series debut author D.L. Jackson (Finding Mercy). It’s a town with–quite literally–buried secrets. The Princess and the Prepper takes place just outside of Evan’s Point and it’s definitely an opposites attract kind of story, then came Falling For Water, a romantic suspense.

Easy PeasyEscape into my Arms

The next three stories are decidedly more prep-centric. Love in One Night is a romantic suspense that takes place in a sustainable community, while Easy Peasy is a sweet romance about a young lady whose parents raised her and her brother in a bunker. Far from making fun of the people involved, author Stephanie Grace shows the practical, comical, and atypical side of life with hardcore prepper parents. Heather Thurmeier’s Escape To My Arms is a pandemic tale, a SHTF story that shows even when everything is going wrong something CAN go right. Virgin Underground paired our most popular series at Decadent, 1Night Stand, with the prepper romance genre as a bridge to Prepper Romance.

We hope you take a chance on these books, that you find something to like in the love stories crafted with you in mind and with respect at heart.

Find Decadent Publishing’s Prepper Romance on their site ( and most ebook retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Smashwords, and more.

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  • September 6, 2013 at 5:15 am

    They make romance stories out of verything it seems- why not prepping? Looks interesting.


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