Preppers Checklist: Everything You Need for Any Disaster

From earthquakes to fires, there are a number of natural disasters that can take place when you least expect it. Unfortunately, most people are not prepared for the worst to occur. To ensure that you have everything you need during an emergency situation, there are a few important supplies to have on hand.

Emergency Water Filter

Water is a resource that will allow you to stay alive after a disaster occurs. A compact water filter is an essential product that you can take on the go without having to carry extra weight. This will allow you to have safe drinking water to ensure that you survive.

Portable Camping Toilets

Portable camping toilets are essential for emergency situations when you need to use the restroom in a public setting. Some companies, like Blackpine Sports, know that having a compact and lightweight toilet makes it easy to take them on the go. You can enjoy using something that is easy to sit on instead of trying to find a grassy area or an empty lot.

Solar Flashlight

A solar flashlight will allow you to use a flashlight without having to use batteries to power the device. You’ll have more light at night when walking on trails or trying to flag down other people. The product must be exposed to sunlight to obtain power at night and work for several hours. Magnetic shake lights are also ideal because they don’t require batteries and are powered by shaking the product for several seconds.


A multi-tool will come in handy when you need to cut through rope or cut a cord. Multi-tools are a convenient item to carry with you and often include a small saw, a folding knife, pliers, a hole punch, and scissors. You can carry the product in your pocket and even survive the great outdoors while using the tools.

Lighter and Matches

Many people are cut off from gas and heat during a disaster, making it important to have a lighter and matches on hand to start a fighter when you need to boil water or want to keep warm at night. You can easily light cotton balls that are dipped in petroleum jelly, which will work as a sparking device when you need a fire.

Although no one can anticipate a disaster from occurring, there are several ways to prepare ahead of time by having the right products on hand. With the right materials, you can get through the emergency with ease.

Written by Rachelle Wilber

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