Preserving Knowledge after the Doomsday

Ok, so you’re ready to survive the doomsday scenario. You have years worth of canned food, water, blankets, generators, fuel, maybe even weapons? These are the basic necessities that will keep you and your family alive. Whether you’re considering the ultimate collapse of the government, or just a horrible storm that takes out power for a few weeks – there are other things to consider beyond physical survival. How will you stay sane when isolation encompasses your area? How will you entertain and educate yourself and your children? Do you have a knowledge preservation plan for the doomsday scenario? Take a minute to consider some of the ways you can keep your mind active during the most stressful time you’ve ever experienced. It will keep you and your family sharp, and calm when turning inward is the only escape from what’s outside.

Taking the most likely approach, that even if you never experience a true “post apocalyptic” world in your lifetime – there’s a real statistical chance that you will live through an event like a major storm or fire that leaves you without the basic resource of electricity. You won’t be able to research things on the internet, look at family photos, or play video games. It’s essential to have a healthy supply of physical, paper writings and pictures around to see you through this time. You should have books, board games, family photos – and even maps printed out and ready for you to stay sharp when the lights go out. Think about it, every smart person backs up their digital data in at least two different places, right? But what about when there is no more digital data – period? There are many fast and cheap ways, including easy online printing resources, where you can get a quick backlog of your most valuable writings and images IN REALITY. Get them on paper and in a safe, fireproof place. This is the best way to ensure that one of your most valuable resources, knowledge, will see you through when times get tough.

An even more essential time to preserve knowledge physically is during a true doomsday, post apocalypse, nuclear fallout type situation. This would be a span of time where modern society as we know it would be “out of commission” for the duration of your lifetime, your children’s, and who knows how much longer. The larger mission in this scenario would be to preserve knowledge for society in the long run, as well as for your immediate stimulation. Just like the Irish monks of the dark ages spent their time writing and rewriting all knowledge they had access to – so should you print and reprint what matters most to you and your family. Imagine your unborn child growing up in a time where there are no schools, libraries, or bookstores. What would you want them to be able to read? What images would you want them to be able to see? These are the types of writings and photos that will shape their vision of how the world once was, and again should be. Isn’t that the most important resource you can really invest in?

You don’t have to start all at once either. Print something small once a month, and start a physical library of your most important knowledge. Start with family photos, and move on to favorite articles. Maps and books are essential as well, so don’t forget to have a steady backorder of what matters most to you. Printed survival and farming guides will also be essential – anything that transfers knowledge without relying on human communication will be an invaluable asset after the doomsday.

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