Profiting after Doomsday

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by Shane White

The world has finally fallen apart. That one big event that everyone has been hoping would never happen has finally come and tipped the planet over the point of no return. It probably won’t be back to normal for a long time. It is back to the dark ages for us. it looks like horse and buggies, grow your own food, and government silence for us. Electricity has become very scarce and is certainly not a normal product that a company would produce. After all, companies can’t stay open if people can only pay them with excess pinto beans. So how do we succeed in this brave new world?


We are all very thankful that we all had the foresight to store food for our long and short term goals. We stored canned food, freeze dried foods, MREs, dehydrated foods, and dried foods. We learned how to grow our own food from plants, and can them ourselves. We also learned how to raise and butcher our own animals. Now what? If we set up a good system here, we should have a good excess that we can use to barter with our neighbors. On top of that we should be willing to teach these skills to others as well. They thought this was silly before everything came crashing down around them, but now they need help. Teaching these skills is essential to your survival. Not only are you now the smartest person on the block. If you are there to trickle out information to your new best friends. Many of them may even be there to return a few favors for you when troubles come your way.


There are lots of ways to clean up your water, and you were wise enough to set up a system that would give you a long term supply of water for many years to come. Again, this is something you will need to teach your neighbors, and quick. After all, you only planned on just a little more than enough for you and your family. Teaching your neighbors how to obtain and purify up their own water system and helping them to set it up quickly is essential to your survival. You certainly don’t want these people to rise up against you and take yours.


Now that you have set up your client base with food and water, you can get to the good stuff. All these skills and supplies are putting you in the unusual position of having a products that everyone else needs. Guess what all these skills and products are worth? Whatever you want to sell them for. Don’t get too greedy now, or your neighbors will just take them from you. This is a great time for you to trade what you know and the excess that you are producing for products that you need, or products that you know will be worth something again someday. Essentially, you are the new Walmart.


It has been said that after a major catastrophic event, gold, silver, and other precious metals will take a huge dive in value. After all, you can’t eat gold. This will be the best time to get your hands on as much as you can. I am not saying make this a priority over the other things that you need. I am saying this is your new retirement account. You should be able to get lots of gold and silver very cheap for the skills and services you are providing. In the future, when the world that you helped to rebuild has begun to stabilize again, your cache of rings, necklaces, and coins will begin to approach normal levels again. What does this mean? Huge profits for you. You saved the world, and now you are a very wealthy person for doing it. Everybody wins.

What do you think?

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