Protections All Women Should Have on Hand: How to Be Safe and Single in the Big City

As women gain more and more independence, we take on more and more individual responsibilities. Especially when personal safety and security come into play. On those late nights that we have to walk home alone, or when we’re out having fun in a new place, sometimes we want the comfort of knowing that we’ll be protected no matter who is with us. That’s where personal protection comes in handy. No – we aren’t recommending you hire a bodyguard to escort you everywhere. But we are offering a few self-defense tips to help you feel safer on those long walks, late nights, and big parties alone.


Self Defense Classes

Aside from helping you lose a few pounds and gain some new friends, self-defense classes help you learn how to fight like a BAMF. You can couple self-defense classes with fighting classes – such as BJJ or MMA – so you can give any potential muggers the ol’ one-two.


Bear Spray

Everyone knows pepper spray is a great deterrent, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough. Get some bear spray, which is much stronger than regular pepper spray. This stuff WORKS. There’s no getting around it or muscling through. If someone is grabbing you and trying to drag you away, give them a shot of bear spray. It won’t just hurt their eyes, it’ll make it hard to breathe, giving you plenty of time to get away.



Hitting up a surplus store can give you access to police-grade batons. These extendable batons can easily fit into even small purses and easily extend with the flick of your wrist. You can also get billy clubs and mini batons on key chains so you can easily access a weapon just by pulling out your keys.


Photo Apps

While it might not stop a potential mugger in their tracks, having their picture taken is definitely a deterrent for most. There are many apps out there that allow you to make a loud noise or auto dial a friend or the police when you take a picture. Not only does this help to prevent a mugging, it can be used in evidence if the worst does happen.

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Phone a Friend

This might seem like an obvious bit of advice, but in today’s busy world, it’s an important one to remember. Being punctual and letting your friends or family know when you should be home are great ways of staying safe. When you have a history of being on time and tell your friends that you’ll call them when you get home at 11 PM, and you don’t – they know to call you, call your friends, and call the police. You’d also be surprised how much a “My friends know I should be home now.” might dissuade a potential attacker.


There are many great ways to keep yourself safe. If this ever does happen to you, you should see a doctor and contact an assault lawyer right away. But if you follow these few tips (and more!), you should never have to worry about dealing with more than a what-if.


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