Put Your Local Army Surplus Store on the Raid List When Society Collapses

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Face it, people are thinking now more than any time in recent history what they would do if society falls into chaos. Practically every movie that deals with an apocalyptic event from plague to war to zombies has a scene where survivors are picking through leftovers of grocery and department stores that have already been emptied. The savvy survivalist might want to consider their local army surplus store as a great resource when the social order breaks down.

The Inventory Problem of Modern Stores

Stores today operate under a three day maximum inventory. That means the local grocery stores have at most a three day supply to cover normal daily sales. Some stores, such as Walmart, barely have 24 hours of inventory in high sales departments such as grocery and pharmacy. Those stores get a steady stream of trucks bringing in inventory in the back door. Employees get the items out on the shelves barely in time to keep up with customers going through the checkout lines carrying the items out the front doors.

Consider what happens when bad weather is approaching. It is typical for staple items such as milk, eggs and bread to sell out a few hours before hurricanes in the South, thunderstorms in the Midwest or snowstorms in the Northeast United States hit. If an apocalyptic event occurs, the shelves will be quickly stripped by paying customers. There will not be much left over to raid if society totally breaks down and only a few people are left.

The Army Surplus Stores

All across the country, there are army surplus stores that the majority of regular consumers never patronize. They are specialty stores selling niche products to a select few customers. The stores sell military grade gear along with other high quality products. The products are of interest to customers who have a need or desire for things proven to work in survival situations. The customers are often ex-military or outdoor enthusiasts who need gear that can perform in critical situations.

These stores also buy surplus in huge lots. There is typically a big showroom or store area where products are put out for customers to buy. In the back, there is usually a warehouse jam packed with inventory waiting to go out on the shelves. A portion of the inventory is used military gear while a large percentage is brand new specialty products.

These military surplus stores typically deal in items survivors of an apocalypse would be highly interested in. The inventory typically includes food products such as dehydrated foods used by hardcore campers and even military MREs. Whereas the bulk of foods even in an untouched grocery store would be rotted and unusable in a couple of weeks, the food inventory in surplus stores would still be edible.

The surplus stores often sell firearms, ammunition, edged weapons, climbing gear, tools, power generators and other items that would be in great demand by those put in a survival situation. The good thing about the inventory in such stores is that it is likely to be left untouched for a time if society falls apart.

The local Walmart is the first store the average consumer is going to hit if things fall apart. The survivalist types who are the customers of surplus stores will already have what they need. They will be hunkered down waiting for order to be restored. Most of today’s consumers do not even know if there is a military surplus store within a short drive of their home. It would be a good idea for you to know where they are located and start buying some things from them now while social order is still intact.

This post has been supplied by the marketing team at ACQM online camping store. Provided it’s not a post-apocalyptic event, you can order your survival supplies from them.

4 thoughts on “Put Your Local Army Surplus Store on the Raid List When Society Collapses

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  • July 19, 2013 at 12:03 am

    Well said. I appreciated the article. Thanks for sharing!

  • July 12, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    I just saw you are in Australia. I have, over the years, bought a lot of Australian 7.62X 51 and .223. Excellent ammo and the best for long term storage, packed to go the course.

  • July 12, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    The Surplus Store is an institution in the South. I live in the mountains, and the nearest one to me is a tiny town across the state line. Takes about two and a half hours to drive through the mountains to reach it. But it's worth the trip. There's always something I can use and they have unique items.


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