PVC Prepper Ideas – 10 Ways to Use PVC Pipe for Survival


When it comes time to put your preparedness to the test it will be all about making the most of what you have. Lucky for you, if you have PVC, there are a plethora of things you can make. PVC is light weight, inexpensive, easy to assemble, and highly durable. Here are just some of the ways PVC can come in handy in a survival situation.


PVC Survival CachePVC Survival Cache

Many preppers have taken up caching supplies. This is where you put together a small collection of things you might need and hide or burry them in designated places only you know about. PVC makes a great cache storage container. Take a length of PVC pipe in whatever diameter you need to fit your supplies. Use two PVC caps or threaded plugs to close up the ends and secure them with some PVC cement to make a closure that’s watertight. (See instructions at www.commercial-industrial-supply.com/resource-center/)


PVC Survival Fishing Kit

There are a few absolute necessities to survival. One of those is a food source. Try using about a foot of 1-1/2 or 2” PVC pipe and fit it with two end caps. Inside store hooks, weights, floats and fishing line. Tie some durable rope around it to make a handle, and you have a self-contained fishing kit.


PVC Longbow

In situations where you aren’t near water, you might want to try your luck on land. You can make a pretty nice longbow from PVC pipe and bow string. Take about six feet of ½” PVC pipe. Mark off a foot long section in the center of the pipe for your handle. Cut or shave the surrounding pipe along the front side to allow for bending. Make a notch at each end for the string and stretch it tight as your bend the bow to shape. Tie it off and you’re ready for action.


PVC Blow Gun

Shooting for smaller game? Simple blow guns have been used for centuries to hunt birds and small animals. These air-propelled weapons can be extremely accurate, and can be used with metal, wood or clay ammunition. All you need is a 5-6” length of small diameter PVC pipe. Insert your dart, aim, and blow.


PVC Well Bucket

A well can be an invaluable resource – if you can get to the water that is. Create a retrieval bucket using a PVC pipe with end cap and a hole drilled in the cap. Insert a bulb syringe and attach a weight to the end. Tie the pipe to a length of rope and lower into the well. The bulb will act like a check valve, allowing water into the pipe as you lower it down, but stopping up the hole as you raise it up. If you want to get more advanced try an actual PVC check valve Z (styles to choose from).


PVC Chicken Feeder

Keeping your own chickens is a great way to provide your family with eggs and meat without having to rely on other sources. PVC pipe and fittings can make wonderful livestock feeders. Try using a length of pipe vertically with an elbow and second length of pipe attached to the bottom. Drill holes in the bottom pipe for animals to get to the feed. Cap off both pipe ends – leaving the top cap removable. Pour your feed into the top of the vertical pipe, and as the animals eat, more will be released. Experiment to find the best design for your unique setup.


PVC Planter

A fruit and vegetable garden can be an affordable and sustainable food source for survivalists. Try making your own portable planters by taking PVC pipe and laying it down horizontally. Cut out a section of the top of the pipe for the plants to grow out off. Cap off the ends to hold in the dirt, and drill small holes for drainage. These PVC planters take up minimal space and can be stacked on racks for convenience. Move them indoors during cold spells or to keep them out of sight.


PVC Soap Mold

In a survival situation hygiene might not be the first thing on your mind, but if you’ve made the proper preparations, you’ll be around long enough to start stinking. Consider keeping a small length of PVC pipe on hand to use as a homemade soap mold. Use a removable cap one on one side. When it’s set, the two open ends make it easy to push out the soap and start scrubbing up.


Makeshift PVC Sink

Since you have soap, you might as well have a nice fresh water sink to wash in. Take two five gallon buckets, one for clean water and one for waste water. Install a PVC pipeline from the clean water bucket and add a PVC ball valve to the end for easy on/off function. Elevate the clean barrel using PVC scaffolding so it’s above the waste barrel and you’re good to go. Add a big plastic bowl with drain hole over the waste bucket if you really want to get fancy with it.


PVC Periscope

Have an underground bunker (things to consider) or just want to keep an eye out for intruders without being seen? Try making a periscope using two feet of PVC pipe, two 90 degree PVC elbows, and two small mirrors. Position the mirrors at 45 degree angles in each elbow and glue into place. For extra cover spray paint the PVC to match your surroundings.


These are only a few of the many ways PVC can be used for survival. Remember, PVC is inexpensive and easy to find now, but in a doomsday situation it might not be. Have your own ideas for using PVC or detailed instructions for one of the items above? Share them with your fellow preppers here.


This list of PVC Prepper Ideas was created and brought to you by Amanda Hill a PVC project expert. Amanda contributes to Commercial Industrial Supply’s Resource Center. To connect with Amanda or ask her questions follow her on twitter @AmandaBlogsPVC

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