Raw Food Diet – Good Or Bad?

In this modern age of convenience, many people are interested in healthy food and healthy lifestyle. A type of healthy diet is raw diet. The transition to raw food can be a great experience for various reasons. However, most often this type of nutrition is one of the last ways to cope with the disease, when other ways did not help. Raw food is a food system, which is based on the consumption of food without heat treatment, only in raw form.

Distinguish between strict and moderate raw diet. With moderate raw food intake, certain types of food are allowed after heat treatment, as well as the consumption of raw milk and eggs. Rigorous raw food denies all kinds of cooked products.

Supporters of raw foodstuffs argue that eating raw food makes it possible for the body to metabolize substances in a natural way. In addition, the food that went through the culinary processing is considered biologically inferior, except for bread. Among liquids, you can use only mineral or plain unboiled water.

The philosophy of raw food is based on the belief that, together with raw plant food, the human body absorbs solar energy, which was stored by the plant. One option for raw food can be fruitarianism – when the diet includes only raw fruits, berries and vegetables. In addition, there are other directions in raw food. Rigorous raw food allows only use of fresh milk.

Scientific research proves that those people, whose diet includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, suffer from oncological diseases less, as well as from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a beneficial effect on the body. When cooked, 30-50% of useful elements are destroyed. And these substances impart special taste sensations and protect the cells of the body from the development of cancer.

Natural colorants, such as carotenoids, which are found in red and yellow vegetables, as well as in green leaves, can prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases and stimulate the body’s defenses, preventing the development of tumors. During the heat treatment, some of these substances are destroyed. The biologically active substances are most susceptible to destruction when heated. They are contained in cabbage, celery, cherries.

After cooking, garlic also loses most of its medicinal properties, for example, essential oil, which has a strong bactericidal effect and improves blood circulation. Therefore, the consumption of garlic in fresh form exceeds any garlic preparations from pharmacies.

One of the positive aspects of raw food diet is the rapid quenching of hunger when eating raw foods, which allows you to significantly reduce weight. In the treatment of obesity, raw diet provides very good results, better than starvation. However, you should avoid plant products that have high energy value (nuts, melons, raisins).


Raw food is an excellent way to cleanse the body, not as powerful as when fasting, but it is carried out regularly and gives very good results. Due to the fact that the menu includes a large number of dietary fiber, raw food is a good remedy against sluggishness of the intestines, and therefore against constipation and hemorrhoids. Raw fruits and vegetables, in the process of chewing, help to cleanse the teeth and strengthen the gums.

The use of raw foods facilitates water metabolism in the body and relieves the body of uric acid, besides it has a therapeutic effect in kidney diseases and gout, skin diseases, atherosclerosis, rheumatism, etc. With hypertension, raw diet improves the condition due to the fact that the intake of the amount of table salt in the body decreases.

With a properly composed diet, the fans of raw food do not deprive themselves of proteins. It is necessary to include in the diet more cereals and vegetables that contain the maximum amount of proteins. Such vegetables are spinach, nuts, cauliflower, beans (lentils, beans, peas and especially soybeans), kohlrabi and wheat.

The constant use of raw food can cause an exacerbation of pancreatitis. It is not recommended for children and very elderly people to eat raw food. Doctors are convinced that eating only raw foods and vice versa the exclusion of fresh vegetables and fruits from the menu is equally harmful to health.

The favorable ratio between products in raw form and products that have undergone heat treatment should be about 60% to 40%. Raw food as a universal remedy for all diseases has not justified itself, but this does not mean that it should be completely abandoned. Switching to raw diet from regular food should be gradual, because a sharp change is dangerous to health.

Let me continue my enthusiastic journey of raw food living. Indeed it is necessary to admit that all we are tired of those harmful preservatives, bad chemicals containing in so called fresh products selling in the store. Growing your own healthy food is living off the grid.  In case if you are you ready to feed your precious family members by what you grow and raise, and follow those old rustic forms of heating and food storage, note that the process of going off-grid definitely will be different for everyone. Needless to say, living off-grid actually doesn’t mean your options are limited.

For example, plan on having beans, corn, apples, potatoes, honey which is a good replacement for sugar in your garden. Once you have all this, you just won’t need to spend your time struggling to find food. You won’t need processed power to prepare something special. Think well of growing fish, pecans, almonds and walnuts and other cancer-fighting antioxidants. Organically grown foods should be our choice!

 You will be able to see how it benefits you!

Trust your body, it will tell you what’s best for him.

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