Reactions to the Doomsday Preppers Show

by Shane White

Doomsday Preppers went international this season, or at least is now available in more countries than the US. What really fascinates me almost as much as the show is the many different reactions to the show. Here are a few:

The Futurist – Many people see the show and believe in their heart that they really should do something to prepare. They see the show as both educational and alarming. They have great intentions of prepping…some day. When they have the money, when they have the time, or whatever. Then they will start to prepare. They know that catastrophe will come eventually, but are hopeful they will happen after they start to prepare.

The Fearful – There are many people who have seen the show and find the show to be almost overwealming. They see the people in she show describing what they are doing, and almost freeze up. They feel that they should be doing something, but they choose to ignore this and do nothing. They turn the show off and switch to something that makes them laugh and forget that the world is not a safe place to be.

The Normalists – There is a group of people who see the show and are really confused as to why people would prep in the first place. After all, the way things are now are the way they have always been and the way they will always be. Bad things only happen to people on the news, and even if they did happen here, the government would intervene immediately and there would be no noticeable effects. It is interesting though.

The Amused – Some people watch the show finding is quite amusing. They feel that these people are all crazy. I mean why would somebody need to store that much food and guns? Why would anybody care about growing food and becoming self-sufficient? What is the point of planning for something bad happening and learning to keep their family fed and safe? They see preppers as nuts even though they go to work to pay for the food their families eat, the alarm system on their home, and then tuck some away in their retirement accounts. Hmmm…sounds like a kind of prepping to me.

The Prepared – These people are the ones who watch the show to be educated. The want to know what can go wrong and how to prepare for it. They want to see what people are doing right and what they are doing wrong to use that knowledge as a reference guide. This is just one of the many useful tools that a prepper can use to learn what to do in a catastrophe.

The truth of the matter is that people who on the show are not crazy, or at least not any crazier than anybody else is. They are just people who read the news and see that things can and often do go terribly wrong. They go on the show because they are hopeful that someone will watch and come to the realization that they need to prepare for something that they hope never happens. If you put just a few days food aside, you will be far better off that someone who does not. Think about it.

Happy prepping.

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