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4 Types of Real Estate to Buy for Optimal Bugout Locations

No matter what steps you take to reinforce and protect your primary residence, you will most likely want to invest in a remote piece of property at some point. Here is a quick look at four different types of real estate that are perfect for bugout locations.

Mountain Cabin

There are a few different reasons why many preppers choose mountain cabins as their bugout locations. In addition to being deep in the wilderness, those cabins can also be incredibly self-sufficient. With access to water and an alternative source of energy, you will have almost everything that you need to survive indefinitely. Forests are filled with flora and fauna that could easily keep you fed for decades, and the weather is often fairly moderate.


Those who aren’t near a forest might want to consider buying a ranch as their bugout location. Many ranch land sales are fairly inexpensive, and quite a bit can be done to that type of property. On your new bugout ranch, you will be able to grow crops, raise livestock, dig wells, and establish an off-grid source of energy. As an added bonus, many ranches are relatively close to areas where you will be able to fish and hunt for sustenance.

Upper Seaside Property

If you already live relatively close to the ocean, then buying a ranch or mountain cabin as a bugout location might be completely impractical. In those situations, upper seaside properties are often ideal. Purchasing land right on the shore could be risky because of rising water levels and passing boats, but upper seaside land is a much different story. You will have relatively easy access to the ocean, but you won’t have to worry about nearby boats seeing your property or dangerous weather patterns that affect the water levels.

Alaskan Property

Those who really want to distance themselves from society will need to look at remote locations like Alaska. Deep in the heart of Alaska, you could survive for decades without seeing another person. That land is also extremely rich in natural resources, and you are going to have access to potable water, fish, local game, and timber. While the Alaska wilderness is harsh, it can be a great option for a bugout location as long as you plan ahead.

Once you have purchased a remote piece of property, you must make sure that you can reach it safely. As a general rule, you should have at least two or three different routes to your bugout location, and you need to travel those routes at least a few times a year.

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