Real Self Sustainability: What Your Backyard Farm Needs to Be Fully Functional


Creating a small backyard farm in can be a rewarding experience for the entire family. In addition to the fun you’ll have while taking care of plants and animals, the bounty you’ll enjoy can save a lot of money on grocery bills and help your family to be more “green”. Before you start turning over garden beds and picking out baby chicks, however, make sure you have some practical items in place ahead of time so that your mini farm can be fully functional.


Ample Storage Space

Shovels, hoes and rakes can rust quickly if they are left out in the rain, so having a a good shed is essential for small-scale farmers. Besides garden tools, you’ll also need a decent shed to keep animal feed, straw bales and any seeds you may be storing for the next growing season. Depending on the needs of your family’s backyard farm, you can find small eight-by-eight prefab garden sheds or large, two-story prefab sheds that look like miniature houses.


Chicken CoopA Home For Your Chickens

If you buy baby chicks thinking you’ll have time to build a coop for them before they leave the incubator, think again. Having an outdoor home in place before adopting chickens will make the transition outdoors much easier on everyone. You can find portable chicken coops from that are perfect for a small backyard flock. Add your own chicken run to increase the safe roaming area of your precious feathered friends.


A Composting Structure

There are many different ways to build a composting structure, and your backyard farm will benefit from having your chosen structure in place ahead of time. Whether you go with an automatic compost bin, a compost tumbler or a homemade worm bin, the nutrient rich organic matter a compost structure produces will be a key ingredient in your backyard farming success. A composting structure usually takes between three and six months to make its famous “black gold”, so start the process early.


An Automatic Watering System

Although an automatic watering system for your backyard farm may sound too good to be true, they are actually surprisingly affordable. Treat yourself to this convenient farming technology by making a relatively small investment in a water timer and soaker hose. For busy backyard farmers, an automatic watering system can lead to increased yield and reduced stress by saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent bent over with a watering can.



Having the right supplies in place ahead of time will ensure that your backyard-farming venture is a relaxing and fruitful experience. When planned well, a backyard farm can be run smoothly for years, bringing immeasurable joy and fulfillment to those who participate in its daily operation. Although getting started may take an initial investment of some time and money, you’ll be rewarded in the long run for your efforts.


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